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  1. de_mayday will be a bomb defuse map based in an artificial island somewhere in Java sea. A commercial aircraft was mysteriously shot down and the Naval forces based in the artificial island managed to salvage the wreckage and drag it back to the base. As terrorist, your job is to wipe out the evidence like the black box (flight recorder), remaining aircraft frameworks and any other traces that could lead to your organisation.
  2. IGNI

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    hi m8, the map could load for me. do you know how to fix it?
  3. IGNI


    maybe rethink about the bombsites? I revisited the map few days ago and I just released may be the bombsite is a bit to simple with a box/ a pile of box siting in the middle XD
  4. I made this tutorial roughly 4 month ago: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av26882424/ hope ppl will find it useful. though the video is in Chinese XD
  5. Hi puddy. 1. There's a one sided wallbang from second floor mid to short B. Aim at the locker and you will find out. (sry cant take any screenshot right now) 2. Practical Suggestion: a. Bench at the back of A site is crazy b.B plat is just a little bit wider for one smoke to perfectly cover it. Make it 2 times wider actually XD. c. Remove the clip bushes or make the lights in 2nd floor mid higher so that players wont bump their head when they try to self boost onto the locker. 3.Wild one: 1.Connect A pit to the window that lead to mid(so that the defender rotation from mid to A is longer) 2. Fuck it, Open up the A pit door to mid
  6. Here's two pretty good guide on level design for beginners. Check it out. Visual Guide: Multiplayer Level Design: http://bobbyross.com/library/mpleveldesign “Ben’s small bible of realistic multiplayer leveldesign: http://www.farcry2.cz/czech_menu/ke_stazeni/mapy-download/Benova-bible-mapy.pdf
  7. IGNI


    Those vents are sexy. <3
  8. the interior feels like a mini de_scepter. gj looks pretty polished
  9. IGNI


    Hi Lizard, I attached video down below. Did you let the gate of B site like that on purpose? and there's some minor issue with clip brush tho WeChat_20180411112135.mp4
  10. IGNI

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    The poster makes me sooo hyped. Is it goona be a 50s/60s ish theme?
  11. gj everyone. tangerine is my favorite map of the year.
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