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    Hi everyone I made a feedback video on some small changes you could make to the map that I would think improve it. Just for some background back when I was playing cs go a lot I was A+ on esea and lvl 8 on faceit so I like to think I at least know what I'm talking about a little. Hope you find the feedback useful! Just as a side note the second to last point I made in the video I'm unsure about whether it should really be changed as with a good flash or bait by another player jiggle peeking the lower angle, the peek from the wall should work as intended without being too overpowered. The video:
  2. Franco


    Hi everyone I recorded a YouTube video about the map and some of the problems I think it faces right now and how to improve them. I feel my criticisms are valid but my word isn't gospel. Hopefully I didn't ramble on for too long The video:
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