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  1. Are all episodes of the 4th season already online?
  2. Yeah, you are right! I use Apex M500 that is also great
  3. Starting to enjoy the loneliness and time spent with animals more than with people...
  4. Lol according to cs go statistics most pro players play with sensitivity spread 2.0 Do you guys also play with that sensitivity?
  5. Merry Xmas to y'all guys! Enjoy this charming period of time!
  6. Thanks! Then I've got also something for you guys
  7. Same for me lol... They try to compensate it by special effects but its getting worse lol...
  8. Yeah you definitely should! Any suggestions for me? Cause I cannot find anything nice to watch... Waiting for new episodes of Black Mirror
  9. I am the fan of thrillers and horror movies, the last movie that quite impressed me was Marrowbone. It is not banal or typical horror movie. Great acting, unusual storyline and unexpected ending. Highly recommend seeing this movie for all thriller fans Trailer on YouTube
  10. This is the first serial I've watched with deep interest and wanted to watch more! Too sad, they launch limited quantity of episodes... From another side, it could ruin the whole concept
  11. Mia Winters

    Star Wars

    It worth watching, however, I've expected much more... 8/10
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