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  1. c0rp3n

    [CS:GO] Improposition

    Yes sorry I've been travelling but I have been trying to address this at least and have overhauled lots of areas to provide more natural or synthetic cover. I do need to work into some of the pathways more and improve some of the flow mostly around the mid area but I have made some improvements. I will be posting another larger update soon. Thanks for the comments.
  2. c0rp3n

    [CS:GO] Improposition

    So I have reworked a few areas to allow for a higher level of play. Changes: Lowered some walls to allow grenades to be more easily aimed and thrown. Widened some paths so areas are less cramped. Adjusted timings for balance. CT's still arrive around 3 seconds faster but can get punished for pushing too far. Made the bomb sites clearer. Adjusted some cover to make movement and visibility better. No more Orange Dev textures. I should be doing some playtests soon to validate the layout and improve things further.
  3. c0rp3n

    [CS:GO] Improposition

    So here is just a quick showcase for the map I have been working on, still trying to adjust and work on the layout. The sites are still going through renovations and need plenty of work though they seem playable (with bots yes I know) Overview: CT Spawn: Mid: A Site: B Site: T Spawn: Texture / Material Testing:
  4. c0rp3n

    The random model thread!

    So thought I'd make a post to show some of the random stuff I do being new here.
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