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    That50'sGuy reacted to esspho in anchor   
    Here is a link to the workshop and some screenshots.
    bombsite A

    bombsite B


    t spawn

    ct spawn

    Let me know, if you got any kind of feedback.
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Freaky_Banana in The random model thread!   
    I ... love them  . Maybe a bit low poly though? Especially on the smaller ones the edges are very noticeable! So if they are meant to go inside the playable area, I feel like they might need a few more polys  .
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Lefty in The random model thread!   
    Some Chinese lanterns for a csgo map

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    That50'sGuy got a reaction from TelaF in [WIP] de_havana   
    Now that is a beautiful bombsite!
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    That50'sGuy got a reaction from TelaF in [WIP] de_havana   
    A map set in Cuba? This should be good!
    Here's a little something from me to hopefully help: Some nice Cuban flags!
    I've attached them below, I hope you find them useful! And happy mapping!

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    That50'sGuy got a reaction from mr.jogurt in Dixon   
    Oh what a difference 53 years can cause on manmade objects, seems like the mall's flag has seen better days...
    This is the final design for the mall's logo and flag, I'll get a nice screenshot of it near B-Site tomorrow. I'm so excited to get back to work on this!
    P.S. Yes I'm aware that real life flags would just be a few threads if it were flying since the 60's, but it's still here because of video game logic 🤣 I've legit seen some games with flags in much better condition that have supposedly been flying for centuries! (I'm looking at you Fallout...) So I'm sure this one can slide

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    That50'sGuy reacted to Simon in [WIP] de_havana   
    B Site!!!

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    That50'sGuy reacted to esspho in anchor   
    For the contest I'm trying to implement an older idea of mine:
    Terroristst are trying to bring down a radiotower by destroying one of it's two anchors. Beforehand they allready blew up the third one.

    The setting and layout is completely new though. It's all taking place on a set of adjoining rooftops in a dense urban context.

    Let's see how exotic I can make this.
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    That50'sGuy got a reaction from Donskioni in Dixon   
    Is it too early to be flexing 3D ceiling tiles? It's about time we had 3d ceiling tiles instead of just a flat texture (To think how far we've come in tech since the beginning of the decade).
    I plan on making tons more in various states of decay, but this clean version should do fine for the greybox version.

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    That50'sGuy reacted to JonyDrake in [WIP] Grotta Palazzese (de_ palazzese)   
    Map's changed a lot the last week, we had another SE server playtest and this time around we had a lot of feedback. Here's some of the progress we've done.

    1- Mid (T side)
    2- Main route (T side)
    3- bathroom area
    4- Main Route (CT side)
    5- CT spawn
    6- Cool view update 🌊

    Radar update:

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    That50'sGuy reacted to JonyDrake in [WIP] Grotta Palazzese (de_ palazzese)   
    UPDATE: we're almost done with the rework, the only thing that's left is closing everything in the map and making sure everything has a decent quality.
    1- B Site
    2- T Spawn
    3- A Main (T side)
    4- Mid
    5- Mid Main (T side)
    6- Cool view 🌊

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    That50'sGuy reacted to sir goober in de_Vice   
    yea...the final compile I did had the lights shine WAY brighter than the fast compile i use 99% of the time. I'll have it scaled down a lot by tomorrow.
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    That50'sGuy reacted to sir goober in de_Vice   
    Just found a quick tutorial (an absolute miracle), and was able pack up the models. Hopefully it's fixed now!
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Interfearance in Patoosh   
    @Vaya I agree with the boxy part. However, the close knit feeling of the map's areas made it really intuitive when I played it. 
    As long as he makes sure walls are sufficiently thick and makes the map feel alive rather than boxed in (e.g. using inaccessible areas to open it up), it should be fine. Sound might become an issue, but I doubt it would ruin game play as Vertigo, another dense map, doesn't really suffer from having many areas where you can be heard from the same place.
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Vaya in Patoosh   
    you need more dead space between areas than you have just now. everything looks very boxy and bland right now
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Viiconov in Patoosh   
    Thanks for your feedback! The staircase and the signage I will surely adress in later versions, and I also feel like there’s a lack of cover there at A site, so I’ll see what I can do there, too.
    The head peeking problem is much bigger, I’m afraid. In v1, CTs at the bottom of the ramp can see too much with just their heads exposed. For v2, I’ve added a crate that obstructs vision from the bottom of the ramp to where the Terrorists enter Mid, and I’ve also changed the corner next to the bottom ramp, as you can see on the screenshot below. But CTs at the bottom there can still head peek easily in the direction of bombsite B, from where Terrorists could try to push into Mid. That angle is a lot easier to smoke though, so maybe it’s acceptable. I just think that whatever I do, there’s gonna be angles like that around this place. Any suggestions are welcome, of course.

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    That50'sGuy reacted to Viiconov in Patoosh   
    Hi guys! I have to admit that I’m not very active here on Mapcore, but this contest has motivated me to finally make a 5v5 map for Counter-Strike, which is something I’ve been failing at for a very long time, but now I’ve finally managed to finish a greybox for a defuse map, and for the moment I'm calling it "Patoosh". I didn’t make the layout with a particular theme in mind, but I’ve got some ideas in the back of my head. Here’s an overview of the map:

    That overview doesn’t look as satisfying as I thought it would. In fact, it looks a bit chaotic, doesn’t it? Anyway, it doesn’t feel like that in-game, every area is very much self-contained. Perhaps a screenshot will show the map better:

    The layout of Patoosh is a bit different than the “standard” layout: the Terrorists’ main routes into the bombsites split off from a building that’s in front of their spawn, and one of those routes is an underpass that runs underneath Mid. It’s probably useful now to show a diagram of the layout:

    It’s also quite small. Mid can feel like a real battlefield, and the weird layout (which I really didn’t plan that way) gives CTs plenty of opportunities to flank the Terrorists. During rotates, that building the Terrorists use for their main entrances into the bombsites can be used by either team as a kind of second Mid route. Perhaps it’s a bit like Inferno, but I’m not sure. It all happened by accident.
    At the moment there’s one thing I’m really concerned about, and that’s the line of sight that runs through CT spawn, which just about covers the entire width of the map. That doesn’t seem like a good thing to me. But other than that, I’d love to hear from you people how I can improve this layout, since I really can't tell too much about it just by running about the place. I’ll soon be going on holiday for a while, so I might not respond to every comment, but any feedback is appreciated, really! Here’s a link to the map on the Workshop. Have fun!
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    That50'sGuy reacted to wslysnps in Villains lair   
    Its not much, but its something.

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    That50'sGuy reacted to wslysnps in Villains lair   
    Thanks breh
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    That50'sGuy reacted to wslysnps in Villains lair   
    This might be good, this might go nowhere. I'm entering the contest with a 60s inspired villains lair, forgotten and then rediscovered in the present. Dilapidated from the years of neglect. Vintage interiors, lagoon like exteriors.

    Here's a mood sheet of some of the interiors.

    Exterior mood sheet.

    I'll be back, probably.
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Ynel in De_Submerged   
    I don't think just by addig rooms, it would make it much better. If you really don't want to start it again, please, somehow, you need to transfor those corridors into rooms, or make them wider. The red lightning is just a bad idea, and I don't think you should do it. And I don't think there are red lightning in 'real submarines'. Here's "some" ideas: 
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    That50'sGuy reacted to DeadKnife in De_Submerged   
    I have listened to all of your feedback, and have started improvements. I added many of @Ynel's suggestions on the layout, and changed the light to light blue + white. But, for the record, submarines do have red lights to preserve night vision. More improvements coming soon.
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163

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    That50'sGuy reacted to DeadKnife in De_Submerged   
    Just a little update. Made the entrance to control room an actual room, added and removed some props, and, for now, still kept the lights blue. I also removed an entrance to A Site. I scheduled a playtest to see the feedback on the map and the lights. After it's over I'll get to improving the map more.
    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163

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    That50'sGuy reacted to JackT in De_Submerged   
    Making a map that's got that much cover, especially when I ran around it, lots of the cover is just not needed and adds a lot of clutter to the map of which isn't needed. 
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    That50'sGuy reacted to Radu in De_Submerged   
    Ok, I'm gonna give you my two cents. If you want to take my advice, fine, if not, also fine. But please consider that multiple people have pointed out several issues and some have even made fun of some design decisions. I know that's not constructive at all, but it's a sign that something is not quite right. 
    Starting with the theme, I think the biggest issue is that this doesn't look like a submarine at all. We know how a submarine looks. We've seen the interiors a bunch of times in films and other games. This does not look like a submarine interior. If you're using the submarine from The New Colossus as a reference... don't. Counter-Strike is based around the present generally. It's alright to have some sci-fi elements here and there, but I think this is too much of a far stretch. If you want to keep the theme of having something underwater, just say it's an underwater base. At least that is more plausible.
    As for the layout, I would also recommend to start over. I know you can't see why, but it's just littered with bad design decisions and no consideration for the way the game plays. I urge you to read this: 
     Good luck!
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