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  1. Should we stay away from updating the map on the workshop while the judging process is taking place? Don't wanna cause any extra problems with it and was woundering since it says that updates after November 30 wouldn't be considered.
  2. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Editing this to give a better update on the release: futher detailing to the skybox and the world around it has been added, minimap further reworked to better display the map (screenshot at the top), soundscapes where added which you'll hear ingame aswell as some optimization. I got the map to a level I wanted it too for the deadline but there's still some more stuff I wanna do in it which includes adding a few hidden sprays and stuff as such to more reward the player for also looking at the map while not just playing, but screwing around on the map or practicing. I also wanna do some more detailing to the roofs in some areas and further optimizing on the map. Anyway with the map now released to public if you'd like to check it out you can find the link for the workshop page or imgur album at the top and if you got any critique for the map I'd gladly hear it.
  3. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Mostly detailing and outside/skybox updates and detailing in this update, aswell as the final minimap
  4. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Here's a quick update with screenshots of the new minimap, still got some work to do on the map and I'll hopefully be done by that tomorrow.
  5. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Further updating and detailing has been done, not much has changed on B but A's top floor has been removed in terms of access to tone down on holding spots and to making the site a bit more simple, the texutre of the whole main building has been changed aswell. Most areas are now pretty much up to what they'll be on release, I'll post some more screenshots this time of diffrent areas.
  6. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Done some furhter detailing and visuals update for the map, reworked CT spawn and lobby and blocked off the route beneath the bridge since it was the most risky one and least rewarding, the new update giving CT less routes to defend which was it's main purpose, also merged the outside and inside entrance to B into an outside one to add to the bridge's purpose with the removed route under it, I still want the bridge to continue working asa key point to the map which I feel like it still does well with this update. More playtesting never hurts though. Here's some screenshots of some of the changes:
  7. Dexz

    [RELEASED] Inc

    Updating this for the full release, any feedback is very much appreciated De_Inc is a defusal map that takes place at a company on the seaside of a city. Terrorists have been hired by a rival organization to blow up part of the company in order to gain an advantage over them, their targets being A: blowing up one of the support pillars to their main office space or B: blowing up their main storage area. Full Map Workshop Link Imgur album [Old WIP post inside spoiler]