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  1. cactus1549


    Very impressive that you've fully detailed this map and "de_pavement" so astonishingly fast. Could use some more light though. Edit: And with only 38 hours in the SDK! You must've really speedrun the creation of these maps of yours.
  2. Yeah, I don't know, it just seemed kind of inappropriate for someone with the name "I love the 50s" (no offense) to make a map with iron cross banners all over and signage talking about how we are building up a fourth great German Reich. The map looks pretty, the buildings and snow are especially well done so far, but the allusions to Nazi Germany were just way too far IMO. I think it's a smart move to take the story in a different direction.
  3. Doesn't it? I pre-ordered it the day before release and it was a decision I do not regret. Even though I played through the barebones of the campaign in 12 hours, it was a very well spent, entertaining 12 hours.
  4. It's looking really good, I like the architecture you've got going and the custom textures fit well. You probably want to work on the lighting though, as in some areas it's too bright and washed out, when at the same time some spots are seemingly pretty dark. It's shaping up great for a first map.
  5. Looks very good, and you've done a great job detailing, but I can't help but feel that in some places it's almost identical to Nuke (aesthetic wise). I'll check it out some more in a little bit once you've got it on the steam workshop.
  6. cactus1549


    Oh, and I forgot to mention, earlier I also found that the the left door at the back of B long wasn't solid, and you can go through it into the room behind and see through the walls.
  7. cactus1549


    I just ran through the map, and found a small issue. You can't see either wing through the windows, and on the left side of the plane you can see black lines (which I assume are from the lower floor). Also, the cockpit throttle controls seem to still be a graybox, as they're untextured. Besides that, the map looks really great.
  8. cactus1549


    Wow, this map is amazing. You guys did a great job. On a separate note, do you think you'd ever release some of those custom assets? They look really well done. Again, great job, I've always wanted to play well-done plane map
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