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I’ve been playing video games since I was about 7 years old and managed to get my hands on my father’s Atari  2600, I immediately fell in love with the fact that I was able to take control of a character that was able to do things that I could only dream of being able to do. I soon advanced to a Sony Playstation, and once I beat my first game (Crash Team Racing) I knew that I was in love with video games. Winning that final race was the best I had ever felt in my life and I couldn’t wait to experience all that the gaming industry had to offer.

Fast forward to High School, video games and music were the only things that could take me away from the ‘real world’ where I was just another average person. It was once I realized that video games had the power to pull a person away from reality that I knew I wanted to make video games. I wanted to be able to put people into unimaginable environments that would toy with their emotions and make them feel as connected to the games’ characters as much as I did when I completed my first game. It wasn’t until I started talking to someone about going to school at the Art Institute of Vancouver that I decided that Level Design was my calling. I LOVED all of the environmental storytelling that I was able to discover in video games and I couldn’t wait until I was able to create those stories for other users.

Since then, I have been focusing all of my energy and talent towards creating levels that use every mechanic a game has to offer to it’s fullest extent.

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