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    CoconutDawg reacted to Interfearance in [CS:GO][Wingman] Rab   
    Looks great but there is only 1 bomb site! I don't know how you missed this game breaking bug. Edit: i will actually test this map later today lol
  2. Awesome
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    CoconutDawg reacted to FMPONE in de_celtic   
    Wow! Awesome that you made the original and now you’re working on this all these years later
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    CoconutDawg reacted to Vanx in de_celtic   
    In the year 2001 I published the map de_celtic for Counter-Strike 1.6, which became quit popular. Now I found the time to create a remake for CS:GO. The layout is carefully expanded with two new connections.
    In 2001 I used the editor Quark, so now I've started at zero with Hammer, making this one. I was a more-than-one-year-journey and without the TopHATTwaffle-tutorials this map wont exists.
    Hope, you have fun. Tell me, what you think, every comment is welcome. 

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    CoconutDawg reacted to T-Rexer in [decompiled] dz_blacksite | dz_sirocco   
    Blacksite Danger Zone map decompiled:
    Hammer will not run very smooth with this map!
    Sirocco Danger Zone map decompiled:
    Prop scaling on the oil pipes is wrong!
  6. Awesome
    CoconutDawg reacted to Serialmapper in [WIP] de_aurelia (remake)   
    I don't wish to open another thread, so i want to make an announcement: The final version of de_aurelia is here.   Well, officially is final but we all know that some feedback will follow and then some updates.
    Here are some screenshots:

  7. Wat
    CoconutDawg reacted to fewseb in Eternity   
    If there's two terrorists trying to break in, why would they cut three holes in the fence?
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    CoconutDawg reacted to T-Rexer in Eternity   
    High above the world in a lost mountain, a dormant volcano begins spewing out a mysterious liquid. Arcas Industries immediately claims ownership, but what are their nefarious intentions? And more importantly, can two lone terrorists stop them?

    This map was made for the 2018 r/CSMapmakers Wingman Competition.

    Workshop Link:

    Art and Design:

    Layout and Design:


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    CoconutDawg reacted to KekC in [CS:GO] cs_fazenda_RF   
    Hello everybody.
    This is my map in RF series maps. Real phototextures and prototypes.
    Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1554252885

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    CoconutDawg reacted to gcwwmapcore in Delve   
    Hey guys, My team and I recently released a game on Google Play Store called Delve. Delve is an addictive game that has you control gravity itself, and requires focus and precision to maneuver your spaceship through a wormhole. I hope you guys can check it out. Thank You
    Youtube Trailer: 
    Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SunBunnyStudios.Delve&hl=en

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    CoconutDawg reacted to Rasmus Hjort in Palace 1v1   
    Hey guys! I made another 1v1 map, its focus is gameplay rather than details, however, of course I tried to make it look as good as possible with what I had to work with!
    Any feedback is much appreciated and I will try to improve my map based of it.
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    CoconutDawg reacted to novo88 in [CS:GO] de_policeacademy   
    Updated with many changes in the layout, especially mid and B site.

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    CoconutDawg reacted to csWaldo in [CSGO] Victoria   
    Just uploaded the playtest ready version to the workshop. Here is a before /after of the layout. We made small changes to the cover and paths, mostly around A and B site. I think the bombsite's layouts are mostly finished. Hopefully the coming 5v5 test will confirm that. There's also a bunch more concept art in the level now, so here are some impressions from it.

    Hope to see some of you at the playtest
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    CoconutDawg reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    Quick update:
    - Moved bombsite from terrace to inside the main building.
    - Opened up main building ceiling.
    - Removed 2 crates from terrace.
    - Updated nav file.
    - Updated overview image.

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    CoconutDawg reacted to fewseb in de_vermeil [RELEASED]   
    Vermeil has finally been released, while I suspect there are still some bugs to iron out, I think the time has come for the community explore the map
    Workshop Link
    Workshop Description
    A defusal map set in a historic French park, rooted in a traditional layout with unique gameplay twists added.

    Made for the Mapcore 2017 mapping contest

    The Phoenix Connexion intent on destroying the ancestral home of the Williams, one of the Coalition Taskforce’s biggest financial backers, has become aware that the Coalition knows they are coming. In an attempt to divide the response, force the Phoenix have hired American Mercenaries to attack Vermeil Roche Parc, a historic tourist attraction upstream from the William's Castle Pavé. For weeks, an inside man has prepared the park for attack by committing acts of vandalism, causing the park to be closed for maintenance. Now that the GIGN are on scene, can the Professionals get the job done before the Phoenix begins their assault on Castle Pavé?

    Bombsite A features little cover on site, but features a 3-lane retake path for CTs and multiple routes for terrorists
    Bombsite B cover is numerous but has wide open areas in-between them and the bombsite, the Terrorists must either take the choke point or sneak around the CTs by going through middle.   Map Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/HmKVN
    Action Screenshots

    Spectator Radar

    As always, feedback is appreciated
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