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  1. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Thank you everyone! I have now completed this map and you should view the first and updated post for more info. Thank you for all of your help and guidance, I now know much more than I would have without you. Thanks once again! CoconutDawg
  2. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Thanks for your comment Harry, I have tried to use these. But, it's also update time! I have attached screenshots of new additions and I have clipped most of the map so bomb can't be chucked away and so players cannot access areas etc - I have just some small bugs and to add props, and I think I'm done! One thing that I can't get rid of is this flickering black texture on the ground in middle near sniper's nest - I forgot to attach an image (soz ) but it seems to be maybe a decal or idk, because I have deleted the floor and redone it all over again for the whole map, tried to find a decal or overlay around it but can't find any, there are esentially no props on it or anything else that I can find. Plz help if possible - Thanks! Now the screenshots! Thanks! CoconutDawg Outside T Spawn Route to A Instead of wonky stairs, CT's can now run up the crates or jump on them smoothly (clipping ) B Site B Long Middle Added door on A - T's can chuck nades above but door opens so they are not covered by it - OP? Cool screenshot. Mmm. Irresistible water...
  3. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Sure I will, I will happily add rounded corners on places that I feel would work. One thing that bugs me is that the curves (or "arches") in Hammer are blocky still - I haven't found a way to get around this, but it'll do for now! I am mainly focusing on adding buildings etc. now though. Thanks Once Again! CoconutDawg
  4. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Update time! Been doing some other stuff but have made some sure progress. Buildings are going great, most of them have decals already and dimensions are good - just a matter of going up and rounder now! Also got a lot more props now in the level and are adding more. Pictures attached! Let me know what you guys think! Thanks! CoconutDawg New Apartments! Now with chickens! And their crates that they broke out of... New, better and improved skybox! Custom texture! xD Custom textures! Alleyways so it feels realistic. A closer look. Dat water dou.
  5. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Hi Jax0 and everyone! Thank you for your feedback so far. I have taken on board this advice and through brainstorming (although it's late lol) I have edited the layout. Before and after image is attached below: Advantages of new layout: Simpler Terrorists cannot gain control as easily (via middle path that I removed, Thanks Jax0!) B is longer by a couple of milliseconds (it helps to balance timings) CTs can now drop down from sniper's nest to mid Long A only has 2 routes now (left or around the bell tower ie right, also A is on the left but I am planning to switch around letters) CTs have now similar timings to both Bombsites Let me know what you guys think! I am making it less blocky, don't worry! Thanks again! CoconutDawg
  6. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Thank you very much! I will definitely add some taller and shorter buildings and more props to give it an atmosphere and a 'village' like feel. Thanks once again! CoconutDawg
  7. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Thank you very much braindeer! I wanted to ask if you had any suggestions on specifically how I could make it less blocky; I am currently making more buildings etc. but I have received this feedback before also. Your (or anyone's) feedback is greatly appreciated. Here's a sneak peak or some new changes; Thanks! CoconutDawg
  8. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    UPDATE: I have attached timings of map (something I should have done a while ago! NOTE: The bombsite letters have gone weird, for some reason. Working on a fix. Thanks! CoconutDawg
  9. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Hi Everyone! UPDATE: I have continued to refine the map again and have included screenshots of new features. I have also created a new radar which I still have to edit slightly, but is for the most part done. Thanks! CoconutDawg
  10. de_vermeil [RELEASED]

    Looks great! I do like the layout
  11. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that if anyone else has feedback that they'd like to give me, please comment as it helps to make this map and my future maps better! I am still making my map but it is mostly visual improvement and also the surrounding areas. Thanks! CoconutDawg
  12. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    UPDATE: Have added more visual details, fixed up displacement problems and have edited the mid box too. I have added quadruple doors between mid and Bombsite B (right side, might swap letters) and added some more door ways and scenery around the map to make it feel like a real village (although this hasn't been done much yet, since I am focusing mainly on my core map. Check out some photos here! Thanks! CoconutDawg
  13. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    UPDATE: Have added new props and made more buildings, created displacement and replaced double doors with a wall. A ramp to a box is behind it so T's can jump scout - while doing this though, unless crouching, their head is visible - could feedback be given on this? Have not attached photos as I will include more at a later date, when additional progress has been made. Thanks! CoconutDawg
  14. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Hi RA7, Thank you for the feedback as it helps to further refine my map. My map is currently work in progress and so I have been focusing heavily on refining the level and increasing the quality and detail. I am now beginning to make it more 'village-like' and adding in surroundings to create a dynamic environment. Thank you very much still for this feedback as I will apply this to my map, and anyone who has feedback, please comment below. Thanks! CoconutDawg
  15. [RELEASED] de_Summit

    Hi Everyone! This map is now complete and ready for submission. de_Summit is set in Tibet, where Terrorists are conflicting with Tibetan tribes and threatening to blow up religious monuments, and Counter-Terrorists have arrived to stop them. Steam workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216438708 Screenshots: (Attached below) Below the screenshots is my very first post on this topic - see how it started! Note: Sorry if there is bugs - I had to compile in fast - full wouldn't work! EDIT: The workshop map was not working - I have now just fixed this problem and so the bots should be fixed too. Thanks to the Mapcore Community and Everyone that helped me in making this map and to help my skills for future projects. Thank you once again! CoconutDawg Hi there! This is my entry to the 2017 Mapcore Mapping Competition! Please jump to the later posts for the latest updates on this map (I have attached the latest one of 10.10.17 here)! First, this is the very first map I have ever made in Source and so I would like to receive as much feedback as possible, so my future maps can be better and more exciting! Map Story Terrorists are conflicting with Tibetan tribes and have threatened to detonate religious monuments and landmarks. Terrorists have been spotted nearby a Tibetan village and a local police force have been deployed to stop them. Don't let Tibet's culture go down in history! Workshop Link [Click here to go to workshop page] Map is a 5v5 defusal objective. PLEASE NOTE: I AM STILL WORKING OUT HOW TO MAKE GOOD RADARS, I WILL MAKE A BETTER ONE LATER ON Enjoy! [IMAGES BELOW]