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  1. DRZ

    [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Love the theme you have going here. You also have some interesting elements like the satellite dish and the "underground cache room". Just work on refining your brush work and lighting and keep play testing it. Good luck!
  2. Crisp, clean lines, boys. Looking good!!
  3. DRZ


    I think those are good ideas. Also, I think the earlier version of A is with the connection from Mid to A feels better. Move the A Long connector entrance up closer to where the driveway swings right, and now the CT's have another angle to worry about rotating T's. I think this will put emphasis on the angle into the site and solidify that choke point. Happy to help with play testing or anything else if you need just drop me a message. Also, congrats!!
  4. Congrats to everyone! All of these maps are fantastic.
  5. DRZ


    Theme, brush work and overall look is good. Your pathing is good and has purpose save for a few places (see below) but have you play tested it? I ran around in it today and here's some thoughts if you will (with pics): -Long A is bit too long. One CT with an awp and full utility can lock down what is otherwise the complete right side of the map and pick the terrorists apart. For the T's it's a heavy investment map control wise and with A halls so close by it's a much more manageable route to the site. You need to find a way to add an extra dimension to Long A or shorten it to incentivize the terrorists to go there. -Mid ends in a weird way. There's a sign that points to A but it's just a weird ladder thing that's easily punishable by the CT's and the B connector at the end does not create an alternate route. Rework lower Mid so that it rewards the T's for taking this area. -CT routes could use some imagination. There's only one way to rotate into B not counting heaven which has limited cover and is pretty exposed. Find a way to make these more dynamic and connect them to lower Mid. Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing more!
  6. DRZ

    [WIP] de_biome

    Woah this is really starting to pop. I love the lighting in the biome! Keep it up!
  7. DRZ

    [RELEASED] - Studio

    Ran around in it today and it looks fantastic. Love the layout! You guys killed it again!
  8. DRZ

    Aerospace (Alpha)

    This is looking really good @Noodle King! Aesthetically, your detailing and models are on point. The only thing I'd suggest is a little contrast in the colors? Maybe take the browns a couple shades darker? Keep it up!
  9. DRZ


    Looks really fun and fast! I'm getting like some Die Hard and HLDM nostalgy vibes for me lol so that's cool. Honestly, its looking damn near perfect only thing I can see is maybe some decal work? Looks very clean in some spots. Great work!!
  10. DRZ


    I'm not sure what's going on here but I want it.
  11. DRZ


    Looking great. You're almost there. Just needs a little grit and some brush detail to round off the boxy edges. Great atmosphere!
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