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  1. [RELEASED] - Studio

    Ran around in it today and it looks fantastic. Love the layout! You guys killed it again!
  2. Aerospace (Alpha)

    This is looking really good @Noodle King! Aesthetically, your detailing and models are on point. The only thing I'd suggest is a little contrast in the colors? Maybe take the browns a couple shades darker? Keep it up!
  3. [WIP]de_Horizon

    Looks really fun and fast! I'm getting like some Die Hard and HLDM nostalgy vibes for me lol so that's cool. Honestly, its looking damn near perfect only thing I can see is maybe some decal work? Looks very clean in some spots. Great work!!
  4. [WIP] de_somnio

    I'm not sure what's going on here but I want it.
  5. [WIP] de_Summit

    The 3D Skybox monastary is fantastic! The detail on it is really great. I really think you really have something going here as far as the overall theme and aesthetic. I think the layout could use some additional work in variety and definition. Perhaps some height variance? Keep it up!
  6. Tangerine

    Looking great. You're almost there. Just needs a little grit and some brush detail to round off the boxy edges. Great atmosphere!
  7. [RELEASED] - Studio

    looking great!