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  1. See day of defeat source for solutions, generally they use one way drops as they flow well.
  2. braindeer

    What I'm Working On

    Absolutely killing it. I love the modernization while keeping it true to the feel of the original models.
  3. braindeer

    [WIP] de_biome

    Absolutely incredible, really feeling the lair-like vibe.
  4. Love the atmosphere, the lighting sets a great tone! It would be cool to see a few flashes of colour to add some depth to the scene.
  5. braindeer


    Crazy and beautiful.
  6. braindeer

    [WIP] de_prophecy

    I think with the change in layout and theme, although the map takes cues and inspiration from de_prodigy it does not fall into the categories listed above. I've uploaded some screenshots of the progress. Enjoy
  7. Really fleshed out this project in the last few days, i'll have to do a full render at some point. I think she's 95% ready to test.
  8. That's really cool to hear, I remember being awed by Brainbread back in the day and loved the whole vibe. Some more updates to my de_prodigy reboot. B site has had a makeover including opening up windows on the upper level. Now players can smoke/flash from outside the site and the increased brightness makes the whole site feel less confined. I also added non traversable window on the t entrance to upper site, now cts can be more effective against a rush.
  9. braindeer

    [WIP] de_prophecy

    Haha...fuck. I'm gonna just continue for the hell of it.
  10. braindeer

    [WIP] de_prophecy

    This map is a re-imagining of the classic de_prodigy. The action is set aboard a decaying nuclear oil tanker being broken for salvage. The layout is semi faithful to the original and features a new central "lane". B site has some verticality with the terrorists able to one way drop onto the site for a heavy damage penalty. The cover is still undecided and open to change. I am going to submit this map for playtesting, ironically I cant play myself because my current PC is a featherweight netbook but I was previously an avid player. For this reason the map was only rendered in fast mode, I aint got all day to wait mofucker. I think the map will really benefit from a strong 3d skybox for the surrounding shipbreaking scenery. Theres a lot more to do before the map can really be considered "finished" but I excited to finalize it. If anyone out there feels they could contribute to detailing the map hmu Im always down to collaborate.
  11. I've always liked de_prodigy and thought it needed a CSGO comeback, the original didn't really work as a comp map but had some great setpieces. I'm working on a re-imagining of prodigy into a 3 lane map. Its set aboard a decaying oil tanker in a ship breaking yard. Its at the stage where I'd like to playtest it. I've worked in a mid which gives Ts the option to one way drop onto the site, for a large damage penalty. If anyone's interested in collaborating for the CSGO competition I'm open to the idea, my rig is a real POS and cant handle more in depth mapping. Edit: more photos http://imgur.com/a/vKXZG
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