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  1. [WiP] de_fallen

    STEAM WORKSHOP LINK ! this is the first playable version of my map there is very little detail in some places especially ct area but again this is juts the shell of the map and I wanted something for people to play test. Anyway here it is the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1177176004 Go check it out ! and leave constructive feedback as I am new to mapping and this is my first map. Thank you, Jakob
  2. [WiP] de_fallen

    [Update] bombsite A and B have been completed as well as middle so expect screenshots soon CT and t spawn areas are being worked on and a playable version should be up on the workshop within 2-3 weeks due to play testing with bots first so keep an eye out for that ! Thank you, Jakobi
  3. [WiP] de_fallen

    Thank you so much , next screenshot will be added soon...
  4. [WiP] de_fallen

    Update to csgo beta branch for now it works and you can still work on your map yayyyy !
  5. Fatal error loading pixel shader phong_ps30 (08390140)

    Thank you so much now I can work on my map some more today I wish you could see how happy I am. yayyyy ! (it works basically)
  6. [WiP] de_fallen

    I hope they fix it by tonight because I really wanted to relax and work on my map.
  7. If anyone knows what is going on with csgo sdk at the moment please put relevant information below, it will be greatly appreciated. The error: "Fatal error loading pixel shader phong_ps30 (08390140) " Thank you, Jakobi
  8. [WiP] de_fallen

    de_fallen [ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1177176004 ] <- STEAM WORKSHOP LINK [more screenshots coming soon !] Below is a screenshot of a small section of the hallway (A main) leading to A from T spawn. hope you like it, The map is still in early development so this isn't the final appearance of the map ! de_fallen is set in an abandoned shopping centre where the British SAS use some of the abandoned rooms as a safe house. Terrorists have compromised the secrecy of the location and are attacking the facility. The facility is overgrown and damaged leaving behind an eerie atmosphere. There are corridors and shops that have been left in time, unloved. You will have to fight through the fear and the enemy as you aim to complete your mission. In my opinion I love the idea behind my first map but whether the community do is not up to me so please if you do enjoy my map when released please share it with others and leave a comment on here or the steam workshop page saying you like the map so I can see the overall opinions of the community it would be much appreciated. Timings for the map so far are as follows: for terrorists it takes 10-12 seconds to get to bombsite B and 9 seconds (quickest route) to get to bombsite A. For counter-terrorists it takes 9-10 seconds to get to bombsite B and 8-9 seconds to get to bombsite A. This is my first ever map and I am new to mapping for csgo I have only 300 hours on sdk which 150 hours have been spent so far on de_fallen my first playable map as the others were rooms or hallways for testing lighting and props, so please leave constructive feedback to help me improve my mapping ability and hopefully get better at something I love. Thank you, Jakob http://steamcommunity.com/id/Official_Jakob/