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  1. i hope you have a wonderful day to and wb
  2. Great news! I just scheduled a playtest of de_splashdown_a5 for July 16th! Hope to see you there. (13:00 ct time btw ok thanks bye bye)
  3. I've never played black ops or call of duty really ;w;
  4. Seeing your map makes me want to improve mine! This greybox is already a spectacle to behold and I'm really eager to see what becomes of this map!!! ;w;/
  5. I recorded a short update video and ye i gtg soon so laterz.
  6. The lazy river is now a playable space that connects and becomes a sorta 2nd a long! Also! A site has reached it's final form for this version. Along with this I did a bunch of minor updates to the map but that's mostly it! Oh and I did all the clipping this version. It was very boring. ~w~ Anyways here's the workshop link, I'm gonna update it with this version rn. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1772435763&searchtext=de_splashdown
  7. Here's the new A site! It's still got a lot of work to be done on it but the idea is that it runs in a cavern beside the lazy river attraction. It's going to look really cool soon, I'm just too tired to continue working on it rn. Here's the entrance to A. (It's the lower staircase on the left, the right is a connector to middle.) I also plan on using imgur in the future maybe so I can post more photos of my progress and I may start streaming my mapping idk. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this smol update and I'm tired so gnight. uwu
  8. Heyo! Another day, another update! >;3c I remade the now B long (the sites flipped on me and I just went with it lol), and it looks really pretty and I've already gotten really positive feedback on it so far! I also moved this ladder to be on the wall so that it's less annoying but I plan to mess with this area a tad more. uwu I've also messed around with the B site a lot and am really happy with how it's turning out so far! Thanks for reading this update! I'll probably post another one later tonight if I do enough changes. Hopefully I get A site done this weekend a
  9. One more update before I go to sleep tonight! Here's how the radar looks so far \/\/\/ And here's a connector I added between outside B and middle. I used a squeaky door cause why not. x3 I'll be updating my workshop submission and then heading to bed.One more thing! If you're a modeler who'd like to help me with this project pls contact me. I kinda need someone who can model for all the waterpark assets and stuff and I can't do it myself. So pls dm me if your interested at hunter#5746 on discord. Ok, ty, gnight. One more photo of a pleasant lookin alley way that is kinda a 2nd mid o
  10. A few more pics of the map. This is middle. \/\/\/ This is the A site \/\/\/gnight. uwu
  11. Heyo! It's your boi back again with a new map for the contest! This is de_splashdown, a defuse map for CS:GO set in a water park in Florida. I hope to finish it before the contest and have some screenshots below but only a few since of the 5mb limit lol. Hope you enjoy and here's a workshop link to the map. It's only got one site currently but I plan on finishing a B site over the weekend. Plz enjoy! Workshop link >>> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1772435763 Outside B \/\/\/ T Spawn \/\/\/ Those are really the only good looking areas so far
  12. ^ if it's a hostage map it'd be cs_marooned not de lol. But I also really enjoy the wip photos so far!
  13. Before I go to bed tonight I wanna share the cliff area I just finished mapping out. Hopefully I'll have a full layout ready to play soon for testin n stuff. Gnight all. uwu
  14. Hello! This is my first real map that I plan on finishing for the contest. It is cs_beach, a hostage map set in the tropical islands of Belize. It is nowhere near done yet but I will post future updates. Currently I only have CT spawn mapped out and have posted some photos below. If you see anything I am doing wrong please feel free to yell at me as I am not that good at mapping tbh. I hope that you all look forward to future updates and stick around with me and my map as I slowly complete it. Have a wonderful night and I'll cya laterz.
  15. This is lookin p great imo
  16. SuicidalFennec


    This looks amazing!
  17. SuicidalFennec


    A lot of feedback on a map I really like. (sry for the bad mic and background noise will try to fix when I make other feedback vids) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRY7iGj3Zyg
  18. This looks super promising! Do you have a workshop download yet? I am very eager to check out the map in game! :3
  19. DUDE!!!!! I'M GONNA ACTUALLY FINISH!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the due date is the day before my birthday. ;w;/ Wish everyone luck with all this time now, I will try my best! -w-
  20. So I still don't have a greybox done, tbh I don't think I will finish this map in time. I've bounced around between so many ideas that it's actually ridiculous to think my original idea was a defuse map set in a research lab that was near a waterfall. Now I'm working on a hostage map set in Manarola Italy that features an original layout unlike anything seen before (or at least I've seen before), hopefully I finish a greybox within a few days, even if it's just one area I will still share it with you. This city has given me so much inspiration from the pictures alone so this might not be much,
  21. So it's been a while, I got a new profile pic, had tons of time to think about where in going with this project, and I've learned a lot more about sdk. I'm kind of abandoning the idea of a defuse map because there are already great defuse maps from both the community and valve, but hostage maps. They suck but they have so much potential. I can't post much rn because I'm at school, but I'm working on a hostage rescue map set in a club. I think it's got tons of potential. Hopefully when I post pics you will to.
  22. You're already on the right track by entering the competition dude! I can't view the map but I suggest adding nodraw on surfaces that can't be seen by players in game. It's a good way for others to see what is and isn't playable area. I wish you luck and hope you'll go far in the competition. ;w;
  23. SuicidalFennec


    Hey Noodle King, I've seen a lot of people comment about how you're map takes place in a weird setting and that you mix and match props from maps into yours and the result is a great looking map but a poor theme. I'm here to recommend a different solution to your problem. You could try to make a place up, invent a location that doesn't exist but utilize props in a way that it makes it feel like a real place. There's nothing wrong with borrowing props, everyone does it to some degree. The problem is not thinking about the world and what purpose your prop has in it. Just another solution to the
  24. This map looks so cool even in dev textures. ;w; Good luck and I hope you're able to play test the layout soon to see if it plays as well as it looks!
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