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  1. This is my first map for this contest. Takes place in the midst of a bay area. (Concept is mostly off the real place Mahogany bay, mixed in with some bits of Belize, and Honduras, and other Caribbean islands) Main Radar is drawn messy on like 8 sheets of paper. (Unfinished layout below) Here is some screenshots i just took of the map. And the unfinished radar (going for a simple level (some paths may seem thin but are larger than they seem)
  2. Tremblant II is a fix up from my pre-released map "tremblant" In that version I built the map very poorly, dedicated to design over gameplay first. But after i "finished" nearly a year after I wanted to give it a second try, and fix it up, with my new knowledge i learned from making the map before, and another map in the last year. So i now started from scratch, plan to use custom props and textures, and correctly build the map, and hopefully its more competitively viable. I would love any criticism towards the map, thank you! I also really dont want to name it "Tremblant II" so hopefully someone can come up with a creative name! Here is a list of photos which are shown below aswell Here is the map on the workshop
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    De_Tremblant is one of my maps for the map core contest! Back Story: This pristine city in Quebec, Canada, is host to thousands of tourists. Boasting unique architecture, luxury hotels, a booming maple factory and world-renowned wine store, it's irrestistable to tourists and criminals alike. The crime rate has gone through the roof, and anywhere outside of the main tourist areas has become vanalized and worn down. While most agree that the city should simply increase the police force, a few crazy locals have decided on a substantially more radical course of action -- blowing up everything that makes their city special. Click For Image Album Click For Workshop Link
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