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  1. D!o

    [WIP] de_citygardens

    I enioy the friendly advice but I'm building this style as I've never built this way before and have built entire maps from the get go or by creating a mid and so far I am enjoying this way the most. As for you running around my map, did you run around it with bots and play test or just run around with a singular friend and pick points you think are broken? Did you play with a full 10 people? That's what I did and through my extensive player testing it has shown it to be T sided with CT being very easily rushed. Much like a regular map if you know the layout you know where spots are and p
  2. D!o

    [WIP] de_citygardens

    To reply to you Roald, I stated in the second line of my post I am building a map around a single site. I am basing this way of building around 3kliksphilip's mapping process (found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCZqVrjydDM). I find it easier to have a slow unrestricted creation process and by the end I can fix timings and perfect nading spots. This is purely to test site layout, as well as how taking and holding the site feels and works. As for your comments on it being extremely CT sided, you lack evidence displaying such. Through both my initial bot testing I found it to be T s
  3. D!o

    [WIP] de_citygardens

    This is my entry to the Mapcore 2017 competition; the map is titled "de_citygardens" and pulls heavily from the themes of brisk inner city gardens. My plan is to build a singular bombsite and construct and further map around it. Here is the layout of Site A initially: With some screenshots from testing: Here is the workshop link for feedback: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952222063
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