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  1. WozzeC

    de_alpocalypse [WIP]

    Changed name on the map. Work is ongoing, will try to get some pictures up asap.
  2. WozzeC

    de_alpocalypse [WIP]

    So the A site I am trying to produce will hopefully have a somewhat similar feeling to play as the A and B site on de_prodigy but combined. Breakable glass for connecting CT-spawn to the site. A "skywalk" which will be see through (eventually). A staircase down to the site from the Yard entrance, playtests will have to decide if the stairway should be enclosed like on prodigy (seen as the doorway on the left center side on the prodigy image). On top of the site there is a ventilation shaft which will be reachable from inside the site using a ladder (will be placed left side corner by the windows). Making it a nice afterplant position, but also nice hiding place for CT. The ventilation will be reached safely for T's from outside the yard. However, it will be quite the distance to run (Like Ivy on train), CTs are there much sooner and can, using a 2 man boost, suprise T's before they get there. Will continue to make progress on the map in general so that It will become playable. Until next time
  3. WozzeC

    de_alpocalypse [WIP]

    Hi all, I have never created any map what so ever but I've had this idea for quite some time so I will try to complete it as far as possible. Most likely it will end in gray walls and a ton of sketches. But hopefully I will make it intresting enough for someone to complete if and when I give up. So here goes... De_apocalypse will be a stripped down version of the alp fortress described in the Robert Ludlum novel Apocalypse watch. The hidden fortress, which in the book is a Nazi camp, will be depicted as a Pheonix connection base. The base has a massive vault currently holding a whopping 48 cruising missiles which are to be used in an upcoming war. To make sure that these missiles are never used a counter-terrorist team (in CS known as Terrorist) will breach the base to blow up the guiding chips or the Pheonix mainframe. The chips are currently held in a loading bay before they are sent into the vault to be attached to the crusing missiles. So there is a brief window to execute the operation. The fortress, a Mountain Citadel if you'd like, will contain elements from a lot of my favorite maps from now and before. Such as: A massive yard ala de_cbble from 1.5/1.6. A drop ala de_cbble from csgo. A ventilation shaft ala de_prodigy. A stormdrain ala de_cpl_mill. A storage area ala B-site Train in csgo. A tower ala de_train in 1.5/1.6 My end goal is to have a map which is looking alot like cpl_fire once was. With mountain sides and brick buildings. I might even throw in a basketball court for shits and giggles. The main goal is to have the two sites covered in entry points. Where 2 or 3 are the main T entry points and all 5 will be CT retake entry points (where 1 is risky, and two are time consuming). I've noticed that the most popular maps have 4 or more retake points, since they allow for both teams to have multiple ways to setup their strategies. Not like B site inferno where it is one way in and all about that first duel. More like (Train A:5 B:5, Mirage A:5 B:4, Cache A:4, B:4, Overpass A:4, B:4). Another key is to have some way to hold the site afterplant on long distance. If the plant is at a smart location it should be possible to see it from far away. However, a well placed smoke will also end up in alot of bullets raining through it, with a risk of missing ofc. Controlling the Yard for fast rotations will be key so I expect heavy battles there almost every round. Since the yard will be placed smack down in the middle it will be a fusebox just waiting to go off. Both sites will have a chicken coup like hiding place for CT where shenanigans can occur. I will upload pictures of my sketches in a while. I start my mapping journey today, and well se how far I can get.
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