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    Visby, new competetive map

    Footsteps will be something I will focus on in next update before playtest at Thursdag (22nd). Thanks for feedback! For clarification, this is not my hometown and I will focus very much on gameplay this month. Therefore I am not bound to any of the layout and it is therefore not vital to stay true to the “reference”. I will look at the timings and try to shave of a couple of seconds. The ground on sites will be updated before playtest this thursdag (22nd). Sure main focus will be the church since this is the bombsite but it won’t have the main focus the whole round since Ts need to take map control. The top lane you are talking about I am guessing it is around the tents? This is a vital part of the map for Ts. Since CTs start with map control the need that bit of the map to not get completely stomped by pushing CTs. You can almost compare the area with tents to playground on Overpass. I have my own worries about the maps layout and therefore I need some major playtesting atm. Thanks for feedback!!
  2. mÅnsson

    Visby, new competetive map

    Hi everyone! Since my latest big project got scrapped, since the theme was Venice, I have now built a new map over the last 6 months. This new map is called Visby as the medieval city in my home country Sweden! The map is therefore a part of this city and the action will take place during the winter at night. Since the lighting will be "faint" mostly white walls will be used and warm lights will contrast the blueish snow and walls. The T objective is to destroy the church ruins! Because of this objective the sites are geographically close to each other, yet rotates are standard times around 10-15 seconds. The map is partly inspired by Inferno, Nuke bombsite wise and Overpass due to CTs starting with some map control. Since CTs start with map control the bombsites doesn't have traditional strong covers with headshot angles etc. The map is now in a playtesting stage and I would therefore love all feedback I can get my hands on! Especially I want feedback on how the gameplay is: •Which team does the map favour balance wise? •Are the meeting points fair or should there be changes? •Is the pillar cover on the sites too much or too little? •Is the visibility good enough? Since the map is in development the artwork and detailing aren't even close to being finished! At the moment there are no know buggs. If you are interested in the theme just google "Visby winter". If anyone is interested in joining the development of the project we can talk about terms and payment privately. This map will enter the FaceIt sponsored Mapcore contest where entries are to be submitted in October. Thank you for reading! If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask them! Regards, mAnsson Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/jSdLs Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911774236