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  1. On 1/16/2020 at 11:34 AM, Tynnyri said:

    Why does this map have this aura of wholesome cuteness? Everything is on the grid but the layout is solid. The theme is nothing special but oddly wholesome. Details are rare and expected but weirdly honest.

    I want to pet this map.

    What have you done?

    I wasn't expecting such a lovely comment! Thank you :)

  2. The deadline is getting close,  so here's what's up with me and my map.


    The playable area of the map is done, and the level of detail is roughly the same everywhere, apart from the background mountains, which turned out to be a lot harder to make than I expected.

    Still I'm leaving it here, because I've run out of motivation for it. I'm not even sure whether my bombsites are any good, so I can't justify putting any more work into it. I guess I see this as a "proof of concept" for a map. Or somthing like that.

    Anyway, here's a link to its Workshop page, if you're interested. The best of luck to all the rest of you!

  3. Another update! (Again, it's been a while.)

    I've mostly been working on the CT side of the map, but Top Mid and the building at B (including its interior and the underpass) have also changed.

    It's still far from done, but have some more screenshots:









    (Also I've discovered that rendering half a map can lead to modern art.)

  4. It's been a while!

    I can't remember it exactly, but during August I didn't work too much on the map because my motivation for it had ebbed away, but recently I started working on it again, though slowly. I've added a placeholder 3D skybox around half the map to make it feel more cozy, but more importantly, I've given the accessible central building (I'll think of a nickname for it) a general shape, so that there's some actual architecture going on there:



    View from middle

    (The interior of the building is still horribly empty for the moment, but I thought it had been long enough since my last update.)

    I'm also quite new to all this architectural business; for about two months I hadn't the faintest idea of what the building should look like  (maybe the current "industrial" look is a result of watching HBO's Chernobyl), so any tips are welcome!

  5. More progress, more screenshots! I've been detailing the buildings at Bombsite A:






    The floor and the cover and the background of the bombsite still have to be done, but I think I'll first be moving to the other parts of the map to get them up to the same level as this, to get a sense of what the town as a whole will look like.

  6. I've made some progress on the accessible building at Bombsite A, taking inspiration from Nuke and Classic Offensive's fy_iceworld:


    For a moment I doubted whether the theme would look nice at all, but then I added some placeholder snow heaps in the background and I'm quite happy with that.

    The interior of the building is now pretty much empty, because otherwise I think it would be too easy for a Terrorist to camp in it while the last CT nervously attempts to defuse his bomb.

    Here are some more screenshots:





  7. Hi guys, I'm back from a rather long holiday, so after a month of silence, here's an update about the map. First I'll moan about dead space, then I'll talk about the theme.

    Dead space
    I've tried to make the connections between areas as direct and straightforward as I could to motivate people to take those routes. A good example is the thin wall that separates Bombsite B from Mid. I feared that if I'd make some sort of corridor form Mid to the bombsite, the Terrorists wouldn't naturally gravitate towards that route because the bombsite would feel so far away. Making players intuatively go to places—especially making Terrorists go to Mid—is very important to me, so that's why some routes are so short. But maybe some of them are too short (the Terrorists' main route to Bombsite B comes to my mind), so if you know a specific place that you think needs extending, please tell me.

    As I've said earlier, I didn't make the layout with a particular theme in mind, mainly because making any layout at all was a challenge for me, but now I've come up with something. I want to make it a snowy town. And I especially want to focus on the 'town' part of 'snowy town': I don't want to just throw big buildings around the edges of the level to justify the walls of the greybox, I want lots of smaller buildings that aren't touching each other, like in a real town. And then also some bigger, more industrial buildings, probably. I'll be posting some screenshots of my progress once there is progress, but for now, have a reference picture of a town in Spitsbergen:


  8. I've released a small update to the Workshop: v2 changes that corner above to something slightly different (I managed to improve it a bit), and there's also some new cover in the Garage at Bombsite A, and some signage at T Spawn, all thanks to the feedback of Interfearance. Here's an updated overview:


    Also I found out that the bottom of the CT ramp in Mid can easily be smoked from the Terrorists' side of Mid, so I guess that balances things out.

  9. Thanks for your feedback! The staircase and the signage I will surely adress in later versions, and I also feel like there’s a lack of cover there at A site, so I’ll see what I can do there, too.

    The head peeking problem is much bigger, I’m afraid. In v1, CTs at the bottom of the ramp can see too much with just their heads exposed. For v2, I’ve added a crate that obstructs vision from the bottom of the ramp to where the Terrorists enter Mid, and I’ve also changed the corner next to the bottom ramp, as you can see on the screenshot below. But CTs at the bottom there can still head peek easily in the direction of bombsite B, from where Terrorists could try to push into Mid. That angle is a lot easier to smoke though, so maybe it’s acceptable. I just think that whatever I do, there’s gonna be angles like that around this place. Any suggestions are welcome, of course.


  10. Hi guys! I have to admit that I’m not very active here on Mapcore, but this contest has motivated me to finally make a 5v5 map for Counter-Strike, which is something I’ve been failing at for a very long time, but now I’ve finally managed to finish a greybox for a defuse map, and for the moment I'm calling it "Patoosh". I didn’t make the layout with a particular theme in mind, but I’ve got some ideas in the back of my head. Here’s an overview of the map:


    That overview doesn’t look as satisfying as I thought it would. In fact, it looks a bit chaotic, doesn’t it? Anyway, it doesn’t feel like that in-game, every area is very much self-contained. Perhaps a screenshot will show the map better:


    The layout of Patoosh is a bit different than the “standard” layout: the Terrorists’ main routes into the bombsites split off from a building that’s in front of their spawn, and one of those routes is an underpass that runs underneath Mid. It’s probably useful now to show a diagram of the layout:


    It’s also quite small. Mid can feel like a real battlefield, and the weird layout (which I really didn’t plan that way) gives CTs plenty of opportunities to flank the Terrorists. During rotates, that building the Terrorists use for their main entrances into the bombsites can be used by either team as a kind of second Mid route. Perhaps it’s a bit like Inferno, but I’m not sure. It all happened by accident.

    At the moment there’s one thing I’m really concerned about, and that’s the line of sight that runs through CT spawn, which just about covers the entire width of the map. That doesn’t seem like a good thing to me. But other than that, I’d love to hear from you people how I can improve this layout, since I really can't tell too much about it just by running about the place. I’ll soon be going on holiday for a while, so I might not respond to every comment, but any feedback is appreciated, really! Here’s a link to the map on the Workshop. Have fun!

  11. I've updated the map! Reddit user u/rqAUOpiulukjhg (great name) pointed out, among other things, that the Outside area (the main T route into the bombsite; on the right-hand side on the overview) was... "wasted space". He's right, I realised, so I shifted the CT spawn closer to the bombsite, so that they can get to Outside before Terrorists come pooring in. I've actually redesigned the whole of CT spawn to give it more "character", and to make it less open. Below is a before/after comparison between version 1 en version 2.



    Again, please tell me what you think! I really want to be confident about the layout before I get onto detailing the map.

  12. Hi all!

    I just finished the first version of the layout of my new wingman map, which is my first "proper" defuse map ever for CS:GO. I tried to keep the layout as simple as possible while still being interesting enough to play. I've also used lots of ramps (and even a ladder) to add some depth to the gameplay. Here is a (Metal Gear Solid-style) overview of the map:


    I haven't got a name for the map yet, for now I just called it Otto. Here is a link to the workshop page, and here is an album with some screenshots. Below is one of those screenshots to show the general stage of development the map is currently in.


    The reason I'm posting this is because I'd love to hear your feedback! Right now, it hasn't been tested yet with real people, all I know is that the timings are kind of okay...

    Please do tell me what you think if you decide to download the map.




  13. tension.bsp

    Half-Life Deathmatch: Source only has two great maps that are in the game by default: Crossfire and Subtransit. They are the only maps I used to play with my friends, and that's why I wanted to make another good map, one that's worth playing (unlike most of the other official maps). The result is called Tension. It has a very basic, almost Counter-Strike-ish layout. It's made up of rooms that connect into other rooms. Most of them give you the option of two other rooms to go to, and the map also has a centre, which connects into five different rooms. As I said, it's very basic.


    The theme of the map is based on the textures from the CS 1.1 map cs_thunder, made by Chris Auty. Luckily, Half-Life Deathmatch comes with a snowy mountain skybox. I haven't got much more to say about the map, the main reason I'm uploading it here at all is to have a permanent place for it on the internet, but I do hope that some people who still play the game will enjoy this new map.


  14. On 4-7-2017 at 9:50 AM, text_fish said:

    Interesting design choice! You've pulled it off well as I assumed it was a picture from 1.6 that you were using to illustrate cs_thunder. I have to ask though, did you make this choice because you feel there's a place for a 1.6 thematic in CS:GO, or because you don't feel confident using the comparatively modern CS:GO engine? Either's fine, but if it's the latter, you may want to consider that this sort of competition could provide the perfect impetus to catch up with the curve.

    With regards to gameplay, my only concern with the screen above is that if the balcony area at the back is accessible, players are going to get very annoyed shooting through those trusses.

    Welcome to the competition and good luck!

    It's kind of both. If I tried to make such a theme with "proper" CS:GO graphics, I would need a lot of custom props and textures, so this is much easier to do. But I'm not just doing it like this out of laziness, I'm just much more comfortable with this, and I think that it looks much cooler than anything I could make with CS:GO graphics. Thanks for your reply :)


    (That balcony is not accesible, by the way.)

  15. Visually inspired by 1.6's cs_thunderthis map is set in a snowy mountain base.


    Above, you can see the middle of de_hail. I'm still working on the layout of the map, but I consider this area to be done. Now I'll move on to one of the bombsites. (I'll post more screenshots when that area is finished.)

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