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  1. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I'm working on a demolition map for CS:GO with doors everywhere, which you can use for cover. I know, it's stupid, but hopefully it'll be fun! It's currently called "Alohomora".
  2. This is what the second bombsite looks like now: This room is inspired by cs_thunder's hostage room. The major difference between that room and this bombsite is the scale: my bombsite is much smaller, and not as high as cs_thunder's hostage room. What's left for me to do now is connect this bombsite with the rest of the map, which includes making the spawn locations.
  3. Here is a screenshot of the first bombsite: I will probably change a few things about it later, but for now I will shift my focus to the second bombsite.
  4. It's kind of both. If I tried to make such a theme with "proper" CS:GO graphics, I would need a lot of custom props and textures, so this is much easier to do. But I'm not just doing it like this out of laziness, I'm just much more comfortable with this, and I think that it looks much cooler than anything I could make with CS:GO graphics. Thanks for your reply (That balcony is not accesible, by the way.)
  5. Visually inspired by 1.6's cs_thunder, this map is set in a snowy mountain base. Above, you can see the middle of de_hail. I'm still working on the layout of the map, but I consider this area to be done. Now I'll move on to one of the bombsites. (I'll post more screenshots when that area is finished.)