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    gera reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    @esspho and I are teaming up for a new defuse map.

    Welcome to Norilsk, a soviet mining city in the arctic circle shaped by freezing temperatures, high pollution and 45 days of night in winter.
    Some of the mood and references we are going for:
    Concept art I made of how this could look in source:

    3d concept for the layout, developed by esspho:

    Concept overview with pathing:

    Greybox is in the works. Let us know what you think 😃
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    gera reacted to TheOnionChef in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Alright. Here's a look at my new map, Paradise 2. Working with Sir Thomas (Stardust, Submerged, Coverup), iiTwins aka Kroketmayo (Pithead, Aurora), Jayk_of_all_Trades, and Jonmcbane.
    Still very early, but here's what we've done in about 2 or 3 weeks worth of work.

    More map images:
    Can't wait to post more updates, and eventually write my MapCore article.
    TheOnionChef aka celery
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    gera reacted to T-Rexer in Frostbite - Danger Zone   
    The Danger Zone experiment has opened up a new location atop of an old ski resort. Amidst abandoned cabins in the frigid cold, who will be the last man standing?
    A community Danger Zone map created by:
    Chief, Hasselhoff, KlixX, Quoting, Seth, SkratchPost, Slimek, Squdski, Squink, T-R3x3r
    Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2168101259

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    gera reacted to Odin in De_Despot [WIP]   
    So I'm not gonna post pics of every asset I make for this map, but seeing as this was the first I want to show it off a bit lol.
    The model itself took like 30 minutes but due to my lack of experience with blender and gimp it took 2 days to get an ambient occlusion bake to come out properly/deal with some UV issues... Im not 100% satisfied with the texture, too much grunge, going to work on cleaning that up and adding better normal data tomorrow.

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    gera reacted to Roald in Anubis   
    Hey there! 

    We just released a new update before the deadline is there!  
    I'd like to thank the awesome staff from the FaceIt Mapcore Hub for the organisation and ofcourse the awesome people for playing the maps and giving us feedback and stats to work with.
    For that special thanks to @Thewhaleman & @JimWood for providing the demo parser, its been very useful!
    We have done some small layout changes and heard some birds whispering they want more colors, so there you have it!
    @jd40 & @jakuza have been working their asses off to create new cool assets and doing some more environment work on the map, so a big shout out to those two amazing artists!
    Enough talking, time to check out some screens and perhaps have a look ingame!


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    gera reacted to zombi in Mutiny   
    there is nothing wrong with few jumps in a row man

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    gera reacted to synkope in Victoria   
    I thought I solved the problem, but it turns out not. now func_buyzone on terrorists is not available on the map. I decided not to pull and open access to the map, now only deathmach is available there

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    gera reacted to AK Addict in Oasis   
    It's finally over now! Workshop link in the first comment is updated..hope everything is working fine. Making a map takes much more time than I expected and I will still improve it in the future but for now I just have to stop and make something playable.

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    gera reacted to neptune in Cappadocia   
    Corner trim's bad lighting issue fixed.
    Some balloons animation frame jumps issue fixed.
    Map's color correction rebuilded.
    All map clipped( If you found any need clipping points please feedback to me)
    Some prop textures rebuilded
    Some props lighting fixed(Ty Zool)
    Some expensive props polycount reduced.
    Some props visual quality boosted.
    Some areas optimized.
    Props fade out rebuild
    Added new props
    Radar updated.

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    gera reacted to Timure in Hanga Roa 🗿   
    Final version is here
    A lot of detailing Balance changes make b more Tsided and a less Tsided, playtested 10v10 the balance seems like real good, am i weird for enjoying my own map? A bit more detailing Removed sum stupid spots Detailed a tiny bit more Saw sum other mapmakers made pins for their maps, had to make one as well minuscule detailing Changed the lore of the map from "evil terrorists" to "Brave Easter Island natives fighting for their independence" maybe a bit too political a tiny tiny bit of detailing The final version is on workshop, hope everything goes well. If I somehow happen to get into top 10 I will use the bonus month to polish everything, finish the goddamn 3d skybox and replace as much as possible with custom props. 
    Special thanks to all of my friends who helped me playtest and to a finnish man im not allowed to mention.
    Goodluck everyone!
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    gera reacted to BuddyB in [WIP] Flamingo   
    By no means is my level done, but this will be the final version I can submit to the Mapcore contest. I wanted to take months of extra time with this one to develop my own custom textures and props, but I feel the layout has certainly been improved over the last few months thanks to my awesome play testers.
    Hopefully next contest I can develop a map quick enough to be completed and detailed!

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    gera reacted to synkope in Victoria   
    Due to a critical error, func_buyzone and func_bomb_target do not work on the map. I fixed it and am already compiling the map in its final form. here are some screenshots and radar:
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    gera reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Some last screenshots before we release what we were able to finish. Here's an almost finished A site:
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    gera reacted to Radix in Mapcore FACEIT Hubs   
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    gera reacted to UNREA1 in [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)   
    Hi everyone! Here to show you something me and 2 friends have been up to.
    Me and my buddy Birjolaxew have had this project sitting in our computers for about 6 years and decided to finally finish it, and it's been looking so promissing I decided to fully commit and make a brand new AS_ map for it instead of adapting an existing one.
    Another VIP mode, why? I've always loved playing Assassination, probably some of the best times I've had playing Counter-Strike was playing this mode. What makes this one special? Our mode runs entirely on VScripts, that means you won't need any plugins installed on your server. You changelevel, you and your friends are playing VIP mode. Also, almost all VIP modes we came across currently on the workshop seem to be broken or simply don't work. This one will be getting a lot of love and care.
    We've held multiple 5v5 tests with our friends, and had a blast! The first playtests made it evident that Terrorists were having an easy time, but that's been worked on now, and map seems to be way more balanced. We're looking forward to run some more tests, possibly with Mapcore if anyone here is interested in checking this out, I think you'd like it!
    Overview with callouts:
    The map will be set on a rooftop. Probably an hospital rooftop, No Mercy style. Considering night time, but not thinking too much about that atm. Some angles feel a bit weird, I'm still working on 'em, but overal from the the private playtests I got the idea that balance is almost there, slightly favoring Terrorists as they can opt to camp. Doing my best to punish that playstyle by reducing the amount of cover usable by Ts and keeping corner checks for CTs to a low number.
    Few screnies, not much to see atm just an orange map:
    As for how the gamemode plays, me and Birjolaxew have recreated the Assassination gamemode as it was before to a decent stage, but are now tweaking a few rules since CS has changed quite a bit. So this will most likely be our own take of VIP mode. If you're not familiar with the mode here's the rules and what we've taken liberty of changing.

    A random CT is selected to be VIP at the begining of the round. The VIP spawns with 150HP (in previous versions the VIP also gets 200 Kevlar, we've had some trouble giving him a number above 100, but we're still looking into it). The VIP can only use pistols and equipment (in the original version he could only use USP, after our play tests we decided to try all pistols instead of just p2000/usp, everyone seemed to like this and gave solo VIP a better chance). CTs need to escort the VIP to the Escape Area (Helicopter) or eliminate all Terrorists to win. Ts have to eliminate the VIP or run down the timer out to win. Our version also includes a few quality of life improvements such as:
    The VIP being able to carry the primary gun on his back (just not able to use it, meaning if he survives he gets to keep it). VIP HP tracking in hud for CTs. Helicopter actually takes off and VIP goes inside it (doesn't disapear into nothing or freeze in place). Support for multiple escape zones. George Clooney starring as sexy VIP. More soon.  
    Shoutout to Birjolaxew and Sven for working with me on this, without them this wouldn't be possible. 
    Lastly, we want to make this open source so that anyone can make maps for Assassination mode with ease. Birjolaxew has done a tremendous job with the scripts, and making a map for this should be easy as drag n' droping 2 func_instances into the map.
    All feedback is very apreciated! Thanks for checking this out.
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    gera reacted to Eric_Chocholacek in [CS:GO] What can I add to this fountain?   
    Looking good! I feel like the rectangular shape is pretty boring, perhaps if you made it more circular or even just a bit more of a wavy shape to make your eyes move around the area more could help.
    The vegetation you've added definitely helps, but I think the objects could be placed in some more interesting ways, such as a large group of plants against the wall or around the center of the fountain itself. Ooooh, Or if you could add some sort of statue against/in the wall there and surround it with some vegetation could be pretty cool!
    If possible, I personally enjoy when fountains are shooting out multiple streams of water in interesting directions/patterns.
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