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  1. goober

    [CS:GO] Yamaha

    Update #1 It's been an odd 5 months ever since I started working on de_yamaha. Although it was 5 months from then and now, it was actually 3 months spent on the map itself. The remaining 2 months went into either taking a break from Yamaha or working on side projects (2 cool maps I made to get away from Yamaha). I haven't, until today, looked at Yamaha. Immediately, all the memories came back. I had forgotten the unique potential this map had, along with the many flaws it had that I didn't see before. The odd bombsites that I threw together just to get "something" going was oddly endearing, it looked like something a noob would make. Of course, I have to work on them so they can meet up to my expectations. First things first, the layout is technically "complete". I know where everything is going to be, all the pathways and such. But I do want to spend more time on it so it can, hopefully, meet the expectations of this community. So, If i can keep up the good work, I can publish the map to the workshop. Release Date: Who knows, I'm confident that it's soon So while looking at my mess of a bombsite, I erased the whole thing, leaving a big ol' gap in the map. I decided to replace it with a similar bombsite to another map I was working on, since I was very proud of how it looked. In the hammer editor, it looked nice. In game, it went above and beyond my expectations. I'm super proud of the lighting/colorcorrection of Yamaha, so here are some screenshots. Bombsite B: CT Spawn to Bombsite B: (Used some props from catfood's de_Ruby, I think it'll look great in this kind of lighting) And that's all I'll show for now. Apologies if it's very lackluster after 5 months, but everything is still not up to my standards. Though at this rate, it'll reach them soon. But for now, Bombsite B's recreation took about 30 minutes to an hour of making, and I'm pleased with not only the results, but the speed at which I built it at. More updates soon, hopefully!
  2. goober

    [CS:GO] Yamaha

    Hey, you might recognize me as the guy who entered the mapping contest then suddenly went quiet after consistently working on a map. It came to me one day that I had lost faith in my map and it no longer "felt" like an appealing map to me. I didn't have the energy to keep working on my old map since I realized it had many flaws. After dropping it, I sat down and wondered why it just didn't feel right. After many many months of fiddling around in Hammer, I randomly created something that caught my attention. What I made would become the successor to my old map de_Vice, and and it now goes by the name of... d e _Y a m a h a It's still in early early development... But hopefully soon I can release a version in which the public can visit and explore. I took what was lacking in my contest entry and smacked it into this neat creation: - Height Difference - Open space (but not too open) - Unique Layout (Heavily Influenced by catfood's de_Ruby) - Quite fun to explore (it's fun to run around the map ) Enough rambling, you're only here to see the screenshots! Here ya go *** (Only Bombsite A and Mid are built, everything else has yet to be made) *** Radar: Mid: Mid to A: Long A / Bombsite A: And so that ends the first update of... d e _ Y a m a h a *Not sure when the full layout will be released, since I put a lot of time into every single spot, so don't expect one within a day or two. **custom props/skydome borrowed from catfood's de_Ruby and de_Tulip ***even more custom props borrowed from Yanzl's Source Emporium - https://www.mapcore.org/topic/21830-yanzls-source-emporium/
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