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    Gauss reacted to jd40 in [WIP] de_biome   
    Just got done with the first art pass. There's some work left but the map should be in a presentable state for the deadline.
    Maybe I'll try to squeeze in that last minute playtest on sunday or tuesday.

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    Gauss reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    Sorry for posting this
    TOP 10 Anime fights

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    Gauss got a reaction from El Moroes in Tangerine   
    Could you increase the height of this window in Middle? It's easy to jump out of as a Terrorist, but as a CT it is very easy to get stuck. It happened to me several times when starting from the car.
    Great work with the map, it has a very cozy atmosphere. I particularly like A-Long  
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    Gauss got a reaction from Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    Could you increase the height of this window in Middle? It's easy to jump out of as a Terrorist, but as a CT it is very easy to get stuck. It happened to me several times when starting from the car.
    Great work with the map, it has a very cozy atmosphere. I particularly like A-Long  
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    Gauss reacted to Noodle King in Aerospace (Alpha)   
    Well Aerospace is getting close to done! I've been working hard the last few days getting the last things dealt with. All the areas are fully detailed and functional now. No new update is live on the workshop, but that will probably come this weekend, I'll tell you guys when! There's lots to talk about, so lets get started! 

    The final radar image, all polished and pretty. This image has both floors side-by-side for a full look at everything. I'll use this for the workshop page. The biggest changes you'll see are the totally reshaped A-site and the narrowing of B-site. 

    While on the topic of branding and such, here's the new logo! I don't think I've shown the old one on here, but that's probably for the better, it was pretty bad.

    The real meat and potatoes of this update is the redone A-site. Looks a lot more like a plane, doesn't it? The T's enter from behind the camera, while the CT's have entrances on either side of the bar. This design is more asymmetrical, and I think it gives the T's an easier time pushing and holding ground on their way to A. CT's will also have more options on what angles to hold, either being able to choose to push aggressively to mid or staying back and defending the bombsite.

    The area behind the camera from the previous screenshot.

    The new CT spawn! Since I redid A, I also had to redo the CT spawn. The door in the center of the image leads out to A, and there's one identical to it just off to the left. The way down to B can be seen on the right.

    No more dev textures on B finally! I experimented with lots of textures, but most of them were too busy. As you can see on the walls in the back, I've opted for a more simple design. It gives your eyes a place to rest and keeps the map tidy looking. 

    Since A got changed up, I had to remove the side area with the kitchen that connected to the old bar. I liked the look of that area though, and didn't want to scrap it. I found a use for it down on B in this side room. On the door over to the left you can see it works quite nicely.

    It took a while to get this area right. This is the T's path to the lower floor and B. I didn't want to use boring old ladders and I wanted the CT's to have a little more time to get settled on B. 

    The view from the bottom of the last screenshot. The corner at the end leads up to the stairs.

    Found this screenshot in my library. Just thought it would be cool for you all to see how far Aerospace has come
    Overall, Aerospace has been a roller coaster ride of changes and reworks. If I had gotten the layout right the first time I would have been done in July! It's been a great learning experience though, and I'm glad you've all been here for support and suggestions. There will still be things that need improving, but the full release is almost ready. If you find any bugs or things that I could improve on, don't hesitate to comment. Like I said, the updates will go live in a couple days once the final touches are done. Hope you all like it, and have a nice day!
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    Gauss reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    It has to happen someday and its today. Tangerine meets workshop
    Released but not forgotten, every feedback count.
    In last 3 weeks of polishing, I've fixed over 300 bugs but I believe that there is still some.
    (R.I.P. particles)
    Good luck to everyone in this contest.
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    Gauss got a reaction from Lizard in Abbey   
    Wow, this looks beautiful! Those buildings are amazingly realistic 
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    Gauss reacted to Roald in de_burg   
    First iteration of the other bombsite. I have been struggling on this one for a long time and tried different stuff. It was quite hard because of the many entrances it would have but I hope I managed to create something that could work. Last thing to create it the path form this bombsite to CT spawn / CT mid and the layout is ready for a playtest.

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    Gauss reacted to FreeSir in de_somnio   
    Hey there, this is de_somnio, my first attempt at a defuse map and its placed inside a dream! 
    So I will just be using the excuse of it being a dream to justify pretty much every criticism!
    I build almost everything out of intuition without references, and even though it took me a really long time and the gameplay and aesthetics might not be top notch, it has been a small little journey and now I'm almost at the end of the road. Workshop link will follow soon.
    Feedback is welcome anyways  
    EDIT: Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1214738719
     New Screenshots
    Old Screenshots

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    Gauss reacted to Lizard in Abbey   
    Hello everyone!
    Time to post some screenshots

    Still few crucial  pieces are missing but we are looking to run a playtest in next week to get the last piece of feedback.
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    Gauss reacted to Lizard in Abbey   
    Me and @Thewhaleman are working on a de_ map set in french monastery somewhere in the south part of france.
    I decided that this is a good time to post some progress. We should have working layout by the end of the next week.

    The goal is to include variety of possibilities for players to play the map with huge diversity of equipment. This includes tight areas designed for CQB style as well as few long sightlines to encourage use of sniper rifles.


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    Gauss reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
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    Gauss reacted to Roald in de_burg   
    Hello Mapcore,
    I have been working on this map 'Burg' as a side project besides de_avalanche which is my first entry of the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. I have experienced some blockades on Avalanche on different parts of the project which made me work on this new concept named de_burg which is my second entry for the Mapcore's Mapping Contest. Not sure if I am able to finish this in time but atleast I will have a start for afther the contest if I won't
    Latest progress:

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    Gauss reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
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    Gauss reacted to Vorontsov in CS_Apollo   
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    Gauss reacted to JZAcH in AAA Design Test (Game / Level )   
    - Status: Offered Job 

    Hey guys, 
    So here I want to share with you a design test that landed me a AAA mid-senior designer job. 
    Because of various reasons I cannot disclose the company for which I gave this test to. Even still, I believe this could help someone in the community land a place where they dream to be today or in the future. 
    I feel like I want to share this because, a couple of years ago, I came across a random blog where a level designer (who is now a senior designer at machine games) shared his design tests, helped me prepare and land this AAA offer. He did not have to, but it helped me. Irrespective of if I'm in AAA or indie at the moment, I believe that something that brought me success, if shared, will help someone else, because of which I'm willing to share this test. 

    If anyone would like to ask further questions, you can ask me personally in my email or discord (I'm Suicidal Carrot on Mapcore discord) 
    So here is the question that was presented to me - https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0njmjm6iakta6g/Level design test- Question Paper.pdf?dl=0
    And here is my response to that - https://www.dropbox.com/s/7kkp76kmadr4hcw/Design Test (Game-Level) - Jeffy Zachariah.pdf?dl=0
    They specifically said that blockouts aren't necessary but I still went ahead and made them. After rough sketching, I go directly into blocking out to make sure if the proportions and scale are correct and then readjust my layout accordingly. If anyone is interested in the layout, here you can find them - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kabw2zdfxl6a4fg/TreasonInTerra.rar?dl=0 - you need UE 4.16 to run this. ^_^ 
    NOTE : The test time period was 10 Days
    Hope some of you may find this useful. 
    P.S - I've got other tests that I'm willing to share (not offered job but got till the interview and then fucked it up when talking with the design leads) if anyone is interested. Peace. 
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    Gauss got a reaction from MikeGon in Opal   
    Glad to see you didn't lose all of your progress, would have been disappointing to see you drop out because of something out of your hands. Keep up the good work! I like your map's slight deviations from the 90° grid, makes it look more interesting  
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    Gauss reacted to MikeGon in Opal   
    My first CSGO map! xD
    So my goal with this project is to make a fun, compact defuse map! I will keep posting my progress in this thread - your feedback is appreciated!!
    This is my first time doing a CS map, so you CS gurus out there can make fun of me all you want 
    So here's what the iterations of the broad, high-level layout look like, with "V05" being the current one:

    I really wanted to have a twist in the layout, with a "gotcha" path (the right-most on T-spawn might seem to be the way to point A, but it's not) I will also take this occasion to throw some verticality in there.
    I think I will make it an underground tunnel, with the whole "CPB and bombsite B" section (top section on the layout) at a lower level than the rest of the map. This will allow me to reduce the time it takes for both teams to reach chokepoint B, and possibly put the section completely beneath Mid... we'll see.
    The distances with V05 are starting to feel good enough to start with:

    Of course those measures are not so accurate since they're calculated with a ruler directly on the layout... We'll see in-game for more accuracy.
    (The rest of the distance will be added with smaller brushes, props or ramps, and the extra distance will be shaved by cutting corners with diagonals)
    ...Now this doesn't mean that V05 is the final version - I will go back to photoshop and make a V06 with improvements when I need to.
    I have imported my layout into hammer, to walk on it and get a feel of the space, and scale:

    My goal is to get this to a first playable version as soon as possible, with basic brushes and bots. Stay tuned! 
    PS: de_harbor is a working title. I usually name my maps much later in production, so the name will likely change at some point...
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    Gauss reacted to Apeyou in Sunrise   
    Hey everyone!
    I've started working on long B. This part of the map exists of older Japanese architecure to clearly distinct itself from the rest of the map. Obviously still WIP, but it's getting there.
    I also made (actually still working on it) a custom utility pole with the top parts being separate models. This way I can make as many powerlines as I want, which is convenient since Japan's power grid is almost entirely above ground. 

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    Gauss reacted to Stract in [Portal 2] Refraction   
    This is a fairly easy map (depending on your experience) by myself and my friend Demon Arisen. He did the puzzle; I did the Hammer work. 
    The puzzle primarily revolves around laser redirection and funnels.
    Cave Johnson here. We've fitted the panels in this test chamber with something the science boys are calling hyper-refractive micro-glass coating, so as you prance around in there you may encounter some unusual visual distortions. For example, the chamber may look dirty and dilapidated, but it's actually pristine and shiny - that's just the glass messing with your noggin. The test might look like it's been assembled by a monkey with a monkey wrench but again, that's just the glass. Falling debris? Just the glass! Collapsing structures? Just the glass! Ravenous Mantis Men? Just the glass! It's all just the glass, nothing to worry about. So, keep your wits about you. Anything you see may or may not or may maybe be real. Cave out.
    Oh wait, one more thing. You may also see a bottomless pit stretching into the infinite void below the test - that's not the glass deceiving your brain, that's real. Please do remember that, we can't have your corpse falling down there and clogging up the turbines. Wait a second... Greg, no! You tripped over the microphone wire! It's specifically labelled "Do not trip over, ESPECIALLY GREG!" Ugh. Cleaning Team Seven, we're gonna need you on standby for turbine unclogging. Cave Johnson, we're done here.

    If you find any bugs be sure to let me know! Feedback is always appreciated.
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    Gauss reacted to Jiro in [WIP] de_bali   
    Keep up the good work
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    Gauss reacted to Lg2K in [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld   
    Detailing update 2
    I've done a bit more detailing. The area still needs a bit of work but this is what it is so far. Detailing update 1 and 2 are now available on the workshop too (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1104149332). The new areas still need some optimization so your fps might not be as good as it should be. 

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    Gauss got a reaction from Lefty in [WIP] de_bali   
    Made some changes since last week:
    1) Added bridge/underpass at Top Middle, and moved CT Spawn closer to A
    CT's were getting to B too fast -- they were able to push all the way into the Terrorist lobby area, making it super unfair to unsuspecting T's.

    2) Raised height of B-heaven
    Previously, T's were able to take B site and walk into "heaven" at the same time -- this made the spot pretty useless as CT's, as it did not prevent T's from simply pushing through it (imagine heaven on B-site Cache being at ground-level... it's usefulness would be severed). Now, terrorists will have to clear the spot with a smoke/molly to plant safely. It is possible to get into heaven from the site itself, but it requires a well-timed skilljump from whitebox, meaning whoever performs it would be fully exposed for a good couple of seconds.

    3) Prettied up the B Lobby area
    The path from T-spawn to B has been slightly detailed, so the terrorists will now pass through a hotel lobby before reaching the site. The windows and walls have been adjusted as well, allowing grenades to be thrown from the building onto site (for terrorists), and from site into the building (for counter-terrorists).

    4) And lastly, most importantly, the make-or-break point of the map
    Added a crate in connector for some cover on the right side of the wall. (super important)

    Playtest coming up soon hopefully! Detailing will be able to begin soon afterwards.
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    Gauss reacted to Luigi4518 in [WIP]de_Horizon   
    New update time.
    The first art pass is well underway with just over half the map textured and lightly to moderately detailed. 
    Mid's major focal pieces are now in place and the main bulk of texturing is complete. All that remains is to break up the bland floor slab and finish adding detail props.

    Upper and Lower B Site are texture wise mostly complete, detail work and a fairly hefty lighting pass are the only big ticket items left for this area.

    T Main Entry to B site is the most complete of all the art passed areas. All that's left here is the placement of a few custom props and a final lighting pass.

    T Tunnels to B site have had their first lighting and texture pass but detail props are still lacking.

    That's a wrap for now, next update I plan to have the map at the stage to push a workshop update out with a completed first pass.
    Feedback and criticism welcome.
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    Gauss reacted to FMPONE in Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017   

    One additional month added to create something you're proud of!
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