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  1. Luigi4518


    Well I finally pushed the art update woo. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944484412 In all seriousness I'm happy to say this will almost certainly be the final update before I submit the final version for the deadline. At this point all that's left to do is slight gameplay balance changes, fix one or two more lighting spots and yet more detailing. Here is an album showing the latest iteration of Horizon: https://imgur.com/a/N3zGt That's it for me now, stay tuned for the deadline release. Feedback and criticism welcome.
  2. Luigi4518


    New update time. The first art pass is well underway with just over half the map textured and lightly to moderately detailed. Mid's major focal pieces are now in place and the main bulk of texturing is complete. All that remains is to break up the bland floor slab and finish adding detail props. Upper and Lower B Site are texture wise mostly complete, detail work and a fairly hefty lighting pass are the only big ticket items left for this area. T Main Entry to B site is the most complete of all the art passed areas. All that's left here is the placement of a few custom props and a final lighting pass. T Tunnels to B site have had their first lighting and texture pass but detail props are still lacking. That's a wrap for now, next update I plan to have the map at the stage to push a workshop update out with a completed first pass. Feedback and criticism welcome.
  3. Luigi4518


    Finally made what I hope to be the final layout for the Horizon, no more major changes are planned and a major art pass can now get underway. Tinkered with and finished laying out CT spawn and gave it a basic art pass to help set theme. 'Harz' sign over the reception is a fairly decent standing while I working on the final company logo. Along with this I also redesigned B site and the T side entry to increase site size as the last iteration was too narrow to support conventional bombsite play. With the layout almost complete I now look forward to beginning the art and lighting stages.
  4. Luigi4518


    A few more changes, first up T end of A site has been closed in to shorten A sites total area as well as allow a staging area for T's. B site is now mostly finished with just one or two more changes required in the major geometry of the site. Below is T end of B site and T entry to B site respectively.
  5. Luigi4518


    I'm finally back into the swing of things and B site has gotten it's much needed face lift. The lighting is another story. Along with this the mid connector has also been renovated. That's about it for now.
  6. Luigi4518


    Thanks. As far as the timings go first and foremost you will need a working overview map. Step 1: Load your map. Step 2: Kick the bots via the console ("bot_kick"). Step 3: Set the warm up time to something massive via the console ("mp_warmuptime 100000"). Step 4: Enter ("mapoverview_allow_client_draw 1") into the console. Step 5: Enter spectate mode then hit 'ctrl' to open the overview map. Step 6: To draw without times just left or right click and drag. For timings hold shift while click dragging. That should get it to work, If you don't have a map just load up any CS:GO level and try it out on it's map.
  7. Luigi4518


    Update 1: After tweaking the layout a bit I'm now at the stage where I'm happy with it. I've added a new way for T's to get to A site and widened the T entry to B side; speaking of B site the area making up the CT entry to both the front and back of site have been expanded a tad to allow for more interesting plays on site. Beyond that, removed collisions on a few props that were causing players to stick and cleared some clutter out of Mid. Basic timings have been calculated as seen below. Other than that here's some pictures of the new areas. That's all for now.
  8. Luigi4518


    Update Imgur Album:
  9. Luigi4518


    Progress and a change of theme. The asylum has been shelved in favor of a layout I quickly sketched out the other day that ended up playing a lot better than the current one. 'An SAS squad forces it's way into Horizon Corporation's Highton research facility after a distress signal was received earlier in the day.' The new theme takes the SAS and Phoenix into the bowels of the multinational conglomerate Horizon, a company leading cutting edge military research and development in medicine, computing, weapons systems, aerospace and more. Due to the nature of Horizon's research, the facility is a figurative and literal gold mine in top secret data and project prototypes. For Phoenix an opportunity to plunder the facilities secrets has finally presented itself and the SAS are mobilizing to secure the now compromised base and everything within. Bombsite A: An internal cargo bay, Phoenix are to destroy crates of various prototypes - everything from rocket systems to nerve agents. SAS, hold the cargo bay and secure the sensitive payload. Bombsite B: Bio research labs full of chemicals and several vials of god knows what in carry cases. Phoenix, grab the cases and blow the rest sky high. SAS, secure those cases at all costs. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944484412 Overview Map: That's all for the moment, stay tuned for updates for Horizon.
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