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  1. I agree with this. Having too many entrances can make it way too complex. Dust2's success and balance is likely due to its simplicity. And also, can we all thank the Prime Minister of Canada for taking time off his busy schedule to help us CS:GO mappers out?
  2. noobgames


    He seems to have too much time on his hands
  3. reported for bullying
  4. noobgames


    Its looking really good right now! I really like the non traditional layout, but I'm not sure how it'll play out. Have you done a playtest yet?
  5. *Compliments the detailing in map *Says something about how realistic it looks *Says something about how I can't wait for this to be released
  6. noobgames

    [WIP] de_dust3

    Read the rules, please
  7. noobgames


    Just wanted to say that the overview is kinda confusing, you might want to darken the non playable areas more.
  8. Hmm. You might want to check the timings on this one.
  9. I'm not sure submitting two maps is allowed. I'm going to report this to the judges.. Wait a second...
  10. noobgames

    [WIP] de_citygardens

    Friendly advice: when using the 3klikphilip style of making a map, make mid first. Thats the way he recommends it. 2nd of all, don't rely on bots to determine sidedness of a map. They, as a general rule are terrible and are worse than silver 1s. I'll take a look around and give you some specific advice later on. Cheers! EDIT: After running around the map, it is most definitely CT sided. CTs have easy access to good spots, cover, and etc. Terrorists only have one entrance. The windows allow for CTs to reposition, hide, and hold angles easily, and with a good team that uses utility,
  11. noobgames

    [WIP] de_citygardens

    He said he would start with the A site and construct around it, but yeah, I agree that its incredibly CT sided
  12. noobgames

    [WIP] de_biome

    Thats some beautiful brushwork you got there. Now lets hope it plays well!
  13. Thats insanely good dude
  14. Are those all your custom models?
  15. noobgames


    Thanks! Best of luck to you!
  16. noobgames


    It's looking great so far! Also, how did you do those accurate timings?
  17. I'm mainly trying to make a garden like area where the players cant get on the actual garden part, but I'm afraid that having 128 walls for the garden will be a bit irrealistic. Also, I need to realistically block off roads, and i don't want to do what Volvo did on Canals with road blocks that look like you should be able to jump over
  18. I'm having trouble finding good ways to block of non-playable areas, and I've heard that its bad to just put invisible walls everywhere. Something else I have a problem with is areas that look like they are boost-able, but they aren't. Players can get up pretty high with boosting, but I don't want to make obstacles unrealistically tall. Any tips?
  19. noobgames


    Its very nice looking, I try playing it later. Any tips on working with diagonals? I keep on having a hard time working with them
  20. noobgames

    [WIP] de_Plaka

    Thats not really being helpful...
  21. THEME CHANGE! I decided to make this map into something else. I have decided to stop having this suburb under construction because of the fact that it would be too open and hard to optimise. I've tried many layouts but it just hasn't been working well. Now I've decided to change the theme to have this map being set in Québec City, a beautiful city in Canada, my home country. Because of the architecture of the city I think it'll be easier to make a good layout. Thats all for now!
  22. noobgames


    Or maybe those giant trees
  23. noobgames

    de_art [WiP]

    Very nice looking map so far!
  24. noobgames


    Love the ski lift. Any overview yet?
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