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  1. Hello, Myself and a friend have begun to create a map that is architecturally accurate to a World War Two bunker/tunnel system in Hong Kong (where we are) that is known as the Shing Mun Redoubt, which was manned by the prestigious Royal Scots, and was the locale of the first skirmish in the Battle of Hong Kong. This skirmish set the pace for the entire rest of the Battle which lasted two weeks. In the process of researching for this map we also got our hands on very precise professional quality surveyor data of the site and are using that to create this map in Hammer. A good example of what he have finished in Blender is this Essentially what we are making is a large and pretty complex, two tiered (both the surface and tunnel system) CSGO map that is an exactly representation of the site at its time of use. we will be co-working this map ( there are already 3 of us) and are looking for another member or two. We recently received a grant for this project, and are opening to discussing financial compensation depending on the amount of time you can commit and your knowledge of Hammer. Feel free to contact me on Steam : 8mommasboi8 Thank you mapcore community!
  2. I wouldn't worry about it too much if it was a "traditional" CS map. They tend to be calibrated with a very specific goal in mind. Essentially what makes a good CS map would be impossible to find in the real world giving it an element of fiction. Might as well go full fiction and send em to mars.
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