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  1. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OoG0Ob
  2. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9mwWOO
  3. Nope, But they look cool! It was more an inspiration from Alejandro Burdisio, he has some amazing art!
  4. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aR28q9
  5. ItzOmega

    What I'm Working On

    I don't know if you guys have seen it but this looks amazing!
  6. KA-BAR Knife I did for fun! More here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJeBaE
  7. More here! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RYWoVO
  8. WIP! Still playing with colors/ alphas. Need to fix these bad reflections tho
  9. Thank you @Sigma I will try to focus more on lighting and presentations as they are an essential part of the process. @[HP] Thanks for the feedback too!! I'm thinking about creating my own website with all my work so it's easier for the recruiters to see it. As for many of the projects my main complain is that they are projects from my master and we had a really limited time to create them, so we couldn't lose much effort on wether what was good or not. This gave us a lot of training on time managing and working under high pressure, but som of the artworks needed more work that we didn't have. For now I'm going to focus on improving some of the posts on Artstation and delete what is not considered specifically Environment and props. I'm also working on my final project now, which must be delivered on June 2020, so I will try to implement all your feedback in this big project
  10. Thank you so much @MikeGon!! It's really nice to have some kind of feedback like yours I want to focus more on Environment art, but as I know Junior artists also tend to create a lot of props too before deeply going into environments. I'm trying to keep my Artstation as clean as possible, with a lot of images and some GIFs (Taken directly from my videos). I think is a fast way to see some more dynamic shots instead of going through all my Demoreel, but I'm also going to keep my videos in case someone wants to deepen in my work. Anyways, I'm going to take a look at those videos and see what I can learn. Thx again!!
  11. Hello guys! I don't know where to put this so I let it here for now. Gonna remove it and post where it belongs if needed. I need some feedback on my Demoreel from my last projects, basic things like composition, shots, music... or anything you want to say! Everything is welcome Also if anyone wants to see my Artstation and give some feedback from there it will be much appreciated! https://www.artstation.com/itzomega
  12. Really early WIP, trying to get some Libertalia feelings
  13. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Hello guys! After a long time I'm finally able to post the final renders from our Mod. We all had a lot of work to do with our personal projects so we decided to wait for a bit to post everything online so that we could get a similar style for everyone that wanted to post their work on this project. I'm going to put the link for the mod here once our school gives us permission, so that you can download and try it. You can see the rest of the renders (and also my contribution) on my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/itzomega
  14. I'm creating the blockout for what's going to be my final project. The concept is a lost pirate island from the pacific in which there's an explorer that had a crash with his airplane. Now he is stuck there and has to explore to find the hidden secret. The goal is to create a beautiful pacific beach with some rocks and secret places in one side of the island, and an abandoned pirate town in the other side, full of vegetation and trees. Heavily inspired by Libertaria and At Sea Chapters from Uncharted 4 and AC4 Black Flag.
  15. I'm starting my first training in the Videogames industry next monday and I couldn't be more excited! ^^ It's a small company here in Barcelona called The Game Forger and they create VR and Board games. Basically I'm gonna be helping with the environments and props. Wish me luck!
  16. Yup! Mapcore is a great community
  17. I just finished my 3D art master today! Coudln0t be happier. Now I have to start my 6 months final project. Meanwhile I'm going to build a kick-ass portfolio and I'm going to start looking for some companies ^^ I should also improve my english as I almost understand everything but I need more fluency both verbally and written.
  18. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Yeah @Klems, we tried to fix it and in the final build it doesn't have as much contrast as in this one. Also everything looks so much better when playing with the Oculus rather than with the screenshots straight from UE4.
  19. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Thank you @Roald! The things that you are saying are true but we also have to keep in mind that this project is a VR shooter game, not a 3rd person or a FPS one, so when you are playing both levels with the Oculus the feeling that you get is completely different from the still images you have on UE4. For example, if you modify the ground in the level, when you are doing it, it doesn't feel you are modifying much, but once you put on the glasses and start to play it, you are looking are the same but x4 or x5 times more inclined than what it really is, so we have to careful with that (It has to do with something about vision in a VR that gives you a fisheye effect that you don't have in real life). Beside that, we also have to be careful with what is seen in the screen while you play, if you put too much things in the scene the computer is going to slow down so much and you won't have a good experience. Also, as it is a VR shooter and you always have a lot of robots and things coming to you, you don't pay attention to the details and things around the scene like in other games, so that's why we try to keep everything simple and clean. The color palette it is a nice observation, and it is something we could have done better. The problem with this is that we are so many people in this project, and it is not a professional project, more like a class project in our school, so the standards and everything have not been as high as something professional should have, even though it is what we aspire to. We tried to create everything with the same art style, which is a complicated thing to do since almost none of us still don't have experience in the sector, and with the short time given (Just 3 months) we didn't have much opportunities to change things. For now the project is not going to change much more, as we need to deliver this project this next week, and everyone is now busy creating their Artstation posts and Demoreels. We just had 3 months to create everything form scratch, so we consider it could be better but it has been a great project in such a short time. The goal for our school now is to show it at different expos and education fairs, so maybe in the future we will be able to make it better!! I will post final renders and gameplays this next week so for everyone who doesn't have Oculus glasses can see and experience what it feels to play it. If aneone has some question just ask
  20. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Back again! We have almost finished the project and everything is now being prepared to show all the work we have done. We are going to post breakdown, assets and all the stuff in a few days so that you can see the way we developed this project and what we have achieved in these 3 months that lasted. The game is now fully completed and playable, and we have finished all the robots and tweaks. These are the last robots to show fully texturized The mod is going to be uploaded very soon so that everyone can play and test it.
  21. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    Hello again! Our project is getting close to the final part and most of it is already finished. All our custom robots are implemented and fully functional, and both out of our levels are going to be finished very soon. For now we are testing everything to see if we need to change anything or if something is not working properly. On both levels we still need to do a lot more set dress, but the playable part is finished and the game itself is fully playable from start to end. Some WIP Village level screenshots: On the Saloon level, the 1st dressing pass is completed, and we are now working for a proper lighting, while we test everything is working good. The character team is now working to texturize all the robots in the planned time, so that we they are finished we will only have to import the textures to the editor and will be ready to go. These are the ones left to share with you guys: Male biped Big bot We have just 10 days to finish this project and everyone is working hard to get everything in time. Once it is delivered we don’t know if the school is going to do something with it, but we surely try to get it to the official Robo Recall page, and will also post it online so that anyone who has Oculus can try it.
  22. ItzOmega

    [UE4] Western Recall

    All the main buildings from the Town level are already finished and everything has a much better look now! At this moment we are working on smaller assets to create as many variety for the set dress as possible. We have also finished the main bar from the Saloon level. More soon!
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