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  1. so i finally finished moving and i go to open up csgo SDK and this greets me http://pasteboard.co/1S9j4dHan.png a blank sdk window, ive never seen this before, i restarted and reinstalled it but nothing is working. i would post this in a more appropriate area but i feel like it would get more attention here.
  2. I cant be stopped! Color scheme is a little off because in the earlier seasons they kept changing them.
  3. all windows are breakable now, what a headache that was. moving on to bob and linda's room!
  4. oh please tell me there are chicken sound effects when shot.
  5. Ive been trying to get this breakable prop to work correctly for the passed 3 hours, the source engine is such a shoddy piece of shit. really making me want to scrap the entire thing.
  6. just testing some broken windows here, going to have to get it out of the way eventually.
  7. back from my break! something is wrong with the facebook login on this site though, was kind of waiting for it to be sorted out so i wouldnt have to make a new account oh well.
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