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  1. Oleg Grachev - Level Designer

    Late thanks for your advices, guys! I tweaked my portfolio and lately I got the job I wanted. Such an amazing feel, huh Thanks for your help!
  2. Oleg Grachev - Level Designer

    Oh, there is things I wasn't even thought about! I really appreciate your attention to details. Thank you!
  3. Oleg Grachev - Level Designer

    Hi, guys! Recently I've been involved in game dev in a professional way. I just finished my portfolio, CV and I'll find useful anything you would say about it. http://oleggrachev.org
  4. Site Changes and Feedback

    Hello! My name is Oleg. I make adventure games. Currently looking for a job as a level designer. I found really exiting stuff around here to learn. Hope to become a part of the community! One thing I can't figure out is how to post my portfolio. The option is grey and I found nothing about it in the rules. Is it a bug? Or I need to earn some reputation by doing something at first? Oh, i found it. At least one post needed to be