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  1. My name is Tam and I'm a Freelance Artist. I am looking for freelance jobs related to 3D/2D art, modeling, etc. With 12-year experience in cartoon film and game industry at the following positions: 2D animator for cartoon film, 3D artist, lead and art director, I am adept in 2D Concept Art/ Animation & Effect, 3D Model, Lighting, Rendering, etc. Kindly visit my Portfolio at vutam.weebly.com. Should you have any enquiry or job offer, don’t hesitate to contact me via email: [email protected] or Skype: tamvu.art. I am looking forward to receiving your invitation for cooperation. Some of my artworks:
  2. Tam

    Everything 3D + A getting started guide

    I'm game artist, I prefer Maya, it is the easiest to learn.