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  1. Well, the last update to the map is here, since it's the end of the contest. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945483269 Thanks again to everyone who gave us feedback after our playtest. <3
  2. Update time! Changelog: Added small cafe building with backroute behind it to use as cover for both sides Texturing Clipping fixes Overall balance work New workshop link Map has more solid cover, so it should be more fun to play, especially for terrorists who didn't have many post-plant positions. --- Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback during our playtest session on 5th June. We plan on hosting another playtest session soon.
  3. Hello Mapcore community! de_chroma is a 1 bombsite map, created for teambased map competition, based on Dalmatia. Me and my friend Alberto's goal is to make a map, which uses Demolition gamemode possibilities to its fullest. Demolition gamemode is 5v5, 1 bombsite and free weapons which change when you kill an enemy. There is a fair balance between short and long distance combat, so you can kill enemies, no matter which weapon you're stuck on in this gamemode. We want our map to be fast-paced, small and with huge gameplay emphasis on player positioning, so of course our main concern is the balance of the map. We're actively removing overpowered spots and sightlines and at the moment none of the sides have big advantage, but it still isn't perfect. We would love some feedback in terms of both layout and theme / detail. Old workshop link New workshop link Imgur Album -- Thank you for your time.
  4. Maybe I will finally finish my first map. I'm not sure about the theme tho.
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