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    Medinarn got a reaction from grapen in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    Lovely work! beautiful enviroment!
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    Medinarn reacted to grapen in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    Spent a few evenings working on my skybox. It's not Monte Grappa, but it's not half bad either. This is not the final color pass though, so that needs some work. I also need to blend it with some textures for added detail. Mesh is currently 9,800 tris with a 2k texture. Should be able to trim it down a few thousand by culling that which can't be seen.

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    Medinarn reacted to Radu in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    Mate, that's god damn flippin' awesome! I think a lot of people would appreciate it if you wrote an article on the subject. I know I would.
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    Medinarn reacted to grapen in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    Thanks, I'll certainly consider it, just need to ship this one already
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    Medinarn reacted to RA7 in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    Very impressive, great surroundings ;-)
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    Medinarn reacted to Squad in [CS:GO] de_scepter (WIP)   
    I could gaze at that panorama all day. Great work!
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