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  1. Some practice with visuals per reference on small scale (alamo) might use this theme in a classic mode one day, who knows..
  2. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Nero (wingman)

    NEW WORKSHOP LINK Quite a few stuff were added and tweaked opposed to the initial version posted here. Some places were too open and empty, exposing too many angles or being fully vertically disconnected from below (f.e. the bridge "cat" without potential boosts). The layout did not change much, however certain areas were given some variability and depth. Detailed info in change-log on the workshop page. New and improved radar (additional illustration of all possible spawns atm for the sake of this report) IMGs showing some of the applied changes So far I'm enjoying this and hope you do aswell
  3. A map with a historical monument set in Italy. Experimental project for wingman, but also 3v3, 4v4 & 5v5. Workshop link Here's the map overview And now some images All images on imgur album To Do's fiddling around with map's cover, maybe tightening up some places a bit transform detailed brushwork placeholder types into models/model wiring, antennas etc. related props layer further optimisation texturing dirtyness & lightning 3D skybox (and skybox texture perhaps) Feedback gladly appreciated
  4. @blackdog yeah, all affected by the brush disease for now I have no experience with custom prop creation yet nor a buddy like this, so I decided to land down the complete set of ideas and their quick iterations/try-outs for aestetics first, before moving into the technical aspects of it and learning the whole prop creation process. EDIT - Afterthought: There are roughly 8-9 different placeholders, rest is just a quick replication across the lvl that takes like 30-60mins, its for the sake of seeing the bigger picture now.
  5. Free time chillout sessions, wip wingman
  6. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    All right, so the map is finally released on the workshop for playtesting purposes. Steam Workshop Link Full Imgur Album Njoy
  7. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    Hey there, So after some time I decided to share the layout overview and some images based on the applied changes. I'm planning to tweak some things and finish up the clipping layer in the upcoming days prior to releasing the map on the workshop. BEFORE .... AFTER A few screenshots
  8. @NikiOo ..yeah they are, lots of stuff changed in the meantime! Once the playtesting phase will near an end, I will surely pack in some fresh custom textures and props (like fish/fruit baskets/crates, custom arches/ windows/ domes , maybe a boat and so on..). If it gets too time expensive or tedious for me, I guess I will have to invite someone aboard.
  9. After a hiatus of over a year, Riverdust being reworked bit by bit according to the gathered feedback. Map name will change aswell. Update in my post with radar image and eventually a new WS link for playtesting purposes coming soon..
  10. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    Yeah, imo overall its best to just leave all those icons out Nice idea/theme/layout btw. Stoked to see where this one goes!
  11. Love it! Clearly an eyegasm right there. Definetly looking forward to public beta
  12. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    @Roald So I took your advice and gave it a go by simplifying and balancing the layout. Seems to feel better and work pretty well. Its kinda more balanced and that mid to A route connector for Ts revives mid and river pretty nicely . The CT-mid to A connector/entrance I added seems to work as well. I haven't yet gotten to B site and its routes, however I came up with one OK-ish cover spot on the site and removed that unnecessary cover on B bridge for Ts. Now it feels much more natural and it kinda explains the idea why there is a main B bridge route and another B river route to the site. Also that cover on T river-mid was not necessary so I removed it as well. Here some screens.. mid to A doors and heaven connector new B site cover CT mid to A connector/entrance
  13. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    @Roald really appreciate your advice and opinions man ! Since this is my first map that I'd like to actually finish, seems like I still got a lot of things to consider now..
  14. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    Thanks a lot for your feedback Roald ! Concerning the layout, I feel pretty similiar about this. However the whole problem is, having a straight river placed in the middle of the map kinda changes the meta of using a beneficial layout when it comes to LOS and timing. It ends up either having the mid-to bombsite-connectors too early or too late for the T's thanks to the river itself and also due to uneven distances of the bombsites . At first I have already tried to use the usual 3lane 4square layout here but it didn't work out that well here so to make it work I'd have to change the map completely. When it comes to simplifying the layout perhaps one alternative way to go could be like this.. - since bombsite A is further away than B from T's and lower door entrance to A for T's is kinda chokey therefore easier to defend for CTs , I'd still keep that upper right route to A as well, otherwise taking A for T's could be like entering hell - the 2sec boost spot on CT spawn gives an option to CT guy going on A where he can suprise T's by popping out of A doors where meanwhile Ts would be just about in the middle of the bridge, this could patially compensate the 2 T routes to A thing - removing the ladder/broken window connector would simplify the local area nicely, however not sure how it would play since CTs would have now only 2 actually usable entrances on A retake - not sure how would B play for Ts, since they would have to pretty much fully commit themselves to B bombsite now and choosing to go mid when there is no other option left would cost them too much time, perhaps reestablishing the T side to mid connector could solve this I am messing around with the layout itself for about 3months now and try to ''outthink'' it by making a deviant layout work, however as you've already stated it's quite hard to execute. The more I think of it the less I know it seems Definetly will have to see how the layout as it is right now will play out in the playtests..
  15. Rump3L

    [CS:GO] Genesys (WIP)

    Hey there, I've been working on this map for a quite some time, trying to balance things off, experimenting and getting some private feedback. Now I decided that it's time for me to show this "attempt" to this community. Would be great if you took a look at it and give it a go with some feedback. Map setting Riverdust is a (hopefully competitive) 5v5 defusal map set in a dusty environment that tries to implement a river as a gameplay element. Despite it's seemingly more of a complex layout, it strives to still be and feel pretty simple as well as easy to navigate. Background story The terrorists try to weaken the economy of a local village/small town that is located somewhere in the coastal deserts, divided by a river. Terrorists have already managed to contaminate the river with deadly chemicals and to finish their job they have to blow up the local bomb and food stocks. The counterterrorists are the only hope of local people, trying to hold off this strategic geographical point from the intruders. Will they save the day? Contains: 10 player spawns for each team working radar autogenerated nav. mesh clipping basic optimization Workshop Link Imgur Album Layout Overview And here are just a few images ... T spawn B long (T side) T riverbank River mid (T side) Mid (CTs peak out from the broken wall ahead, forgot to take a reversed scrnt. :/ ) Bombsite B Bombsite B B underpass ( yeah I know the lamplight is messed up a bit atm..) B to "overwatch'' connector ''Overwatch'' (low) ''Overwatch'' (heaven) CT spawn CT mid (facing spawn entrance) Bombsite A Bombsite A A "palm'' (bombsite A behind the doors) So what do you think ? Thanks !
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