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  1. bobsburgerstitle.thumb.jpg.f766028b32120b74190dd38e9b2c646b.jpg

    I suppose I could start posting progress here now instead of the WIP topic.

    this is a tribute to bobs burgers and I intend on making the entirety of ocean avenue and a bit of the wonder wharf.
    if this breaks any rules let me know, but I'm still going to work on it anyway.


  2. 5 hours ago, WD said:

    I made this over the weekend for this year's global game jam.

    The idea of the game was that you could only see these "sound waves" and you have to navigate a cave and try to find all the crystals.


    Download links are in the video description if you wanna give it a try.


    oh man in VR this would be amazing.

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