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  1. its going to be a relatively tight map but if i block of some areas and get creative with the alley ways and main street it shouldnt be a problem.
  2. thanks, i might record a walkaround of what I've made so far and add it to the first post.
  3. Yup, they have to be so it can be a 1:1 recreation of the show.
  4. Dillon Beard


    I suppose I could start posting progress here now instead of the WIP topic. this is a tribute to bobs burgers and I intend on making the entirety of ocean avenue and a bit of the wonder wharf. if this breaks any rules let me know, but I'm still going to work on it anyway.
  5. I made the drapes and the window frame seperate models now and it looks fine but i dont want to have two seperate entities, im trying to keep the entity count low as it is. oh well.
  6. I've been trying to sort out the way source handles alpha transparencies for a few days here, alpha test displays an ugly pixelated mess from a distance, while translucent looks nice but it totally ruins the model and renders behind the window frame, idk what to do i feel like I've tried it all.
  7. ugh had some bad luck with that window.
  8. the orange box was 10 years ago (almost)
  9. that would be awesome, i might think about it after i finish although ive been fantasizing about making the mystery shack from gravity falls after all this.
  10. basketball.rar made you a prop, make it happen. also, bobs burgers update!
  11. Finally finished the kitchen counter! so many little pieces.
  12. @Corvus damn you make me want to work on they hunger again.
  13. update, I'm pretty proud of how clean this oven turned out.
  14. bathroom is done! lighting isnt great but im moving on. kitchen has begun!
  15. pretty much all that's left is the tile
  16. oh man in VR this would be amazing.
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