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    Jake. reacted to borgking in [CS:GO][WIP] de_geothermal   
    Hello Mapcore,
    after a break of 1 1/2 years I am back with a new map!
    Well, actually the map is not really that new, but it never had a release, so here it is: de_geothermal!

    Geothermal is set near a vulcano in the middle of iceland, where for some unknown reason Terrorists try to blow up a geothermal powerplant.
    The map is designed for competitive 5vs5 play.

    The layout actually was created by a friend of mine and me in highschool back arround 2007 or 2008 for CS:Source.
    After the map was never fully finished, and I was looking for a cool new project I decided to reboot the map, as the Source version actually worked well.
    So very special thanks to Fabian "baqueta" Triep at this point!
    Obviously this is currently the first Work in Progress version. I am already excited to find out, how this develops within the playtests!
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    Jake. reacted to cashed in de_Russka Remake   
    Honestly, I would avoid remakes. I've went down this road many time. Making your own map is the best way to improve your design skills and tbh isn't as tenuous as you might think. Iteration is key and quite frankly, remakes really hold this back.
    Blockout -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Finalize -> Ship
    The more you do these steps the more efficient and better you become.
    If you like certain aspects of russka, why not implement iterations into your own designs?
    On a side note, who's to say Brute isn't working on Russka? The only issues he's had about remakes are with FMPONE, still worth a shot to try and contact him.
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    Jake. reacted to Jonny Phive in [CS:GO] DE-VENOM   
    UPDATE April 15 2018: Here is the workshop link
    In the works for three and a half years, with the help of Rabbid Monkey (Spencer Rose), looking to release this passion project of mine very soon ™ ! 
    Hidden deep within the jungle, a once-abandoned military base originally intent on destroying the world has been resurrected...
    Check out these snapshots into the new world of VENOM.
    Still WIP/Aplha & looking for feedback.
    Thanks to my brother for helping me make a badge/logo for the map 




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    Jake. reacted to leplubodeslapin in [CS:GO] The last hope   
    Hey hoy hello bonjour,
    This topic could be placed in Work Release because my work on this is over but the map isn't ready yet, so i'm going to put this here
    This is a project i've been working during the end of 2016 and this month, it was originally a request from a french dude named Nonix :
    The goal was to retake a map made by a russian map maker named "❤Аня-Хуяня❤", she created something on CS:GO based on the universe of Stalker games :
    I had to take the map, change the mood from it to something darker, scarier and add some playable areas. So, for the sake of an easy optimization (  ), I firstly decided to add a fog and reworked the mood of it.
    In the original map, there are ...
    A corn field

    A train station


    Warehouses and stuff...

    The map is pretty big :

    And this is what i made on it :

    So, the most important part of my work was to add 3 bases. The map will be used in a custom gamemode which will be a sort of mix between zombies gamemodes and roleplay. All the players will be playing as humans, divided in 3 different groups. Bots are the zombies. So, even if the other players will be humans, you won't necessarily be friends, it's a hostile universe. The bases are shelters in which you will be able to share ammunitions, share food, sleep, prepare attacks ...
    The 3 bases are almost the same :
    There is an outside area with a tower and fences :

    Inside , it's quite comfy :

    And, for the rest of the map, it's quite comfy too :

    If you want to give it a try, i uploaded the current version on my ftp :
    There's a nav file but you should kick the bots, i played a bit with the nav file (to avoid them being able to get inside the bases) and they're extremely stupid.
    If you want to get inside the bases, you can open the fences with those commands :
    ent_fire barriere_base_1 open
    ent_fire barriere_base_2 open
    ent_fire barriere_base_3 open
    (sv_cheats 1 needed)
    So this is not a typical CS:GO map, it was more of a fun project for me to work on post-apocalyptic stuff 
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    Jake. got a reaction from Roald in [CS:GO] de_armory (before Lab)   
    I think it looks great man, as said previously, I don't think it should be as grimy as you have it now, especially with the floor, I think in some of the hallways you should clean up the floor a little more.

    Other than that, I think it look fantastic!
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