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  1. On 17/02/2017 at 2:02 AM, cashed said:

    Honestly, I would avoid remakes. I've went down this road many time. Making your own map is the best way to improve your design skills and tbh isn't as tenuous as you might think. Iteration is key and quite frankly, remakes really hold this back.

    Blockout -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Iterate -> Test -> Finalize -> Ship

    The more you do these steps the more efficient and better you become.

    If you like certain aspects of russka, why not implement iterations into your own designs?

    On a side note, who's to say Brute isn't working on Russka? The only issues he's had about remakes are with FMPONE, still worth a shot to try and contact him.

    I didn't say that Brute doesn't like remakes.. Tuscan was a glorified remake of Mill; I said that he doesn't like other people remaking his maps, evident by, in the past, he has started beef with people for remaking Tuscan for csgo..

  2. Gday, recently I started working on a remake of the classic and beloved 1.6 level, De_Russka. I don't normally make the projects I'm working on known to the community, but I have seen a lot of interest in the community recently about a remake of Russka. I started work on it a couple weeks ago, and are basing the look of the map around Cache and Train. My intention with this post is to hopefully get some input on what gameplay/design elements you would like to be changed, improved or kept in this reworked level (if you have played the original, ofcourse). I like to keep to myself when designing levels, so don't expect frequent updates in my process or very many screenshots, but know that I work on it in most of my free time.

    Considering this is my introduction into the MapCore Community, let me tell you a little bit of my  background; Hello, I'm Jake, I live in Australia and I have been playing Counter Strike since I was 8, and have been making maps for the better part of that. I mainly design Jailbreak maps, but have dabbled in the Defuse gamemode. After taking a break for a while, I have recently come back to Mapping (about a year ago), and have made a couple basic maps, and are now dipping my toe into the long a tenuous process of making a defuse map; obviously designing a defuse map is difficult and time consuming, so I decided I would take an already established layout and try to jam it into the current CS:GO meta, and see how it plays out :)

    I hope, if you're reading this, that you decide to give me a hand in designing the remake, via some input on changes you want to see made.

    P.S: I am aware that Brute, the creator of the original de_russka, doesn't like people remaking his work, and I intend to give all the credit I can, to him...

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