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  1. Jake.

    [csgo] de_canal (wip)

    That's a feelsbadman, Valve stole your map idea..
  2. Jake.

    de_Russka Remake

    Sorry about the late reply, been busy with irl stuff. Thank you for the feedback, I do appreciate it, constructive or not.
  3. Jake.

    de_Russka Remake

    I didn't say that Brute doesn't like remakes.. Tuscan was a glorified remake of Mill; I said that he doesn't like other people remaking his maps, evident by, in the past, he has started beef with people for remaking Tuscan for csgo..
  4. Jake.

    de_Russka Remake

    Gday, recently I started working on a remake of the classic and beloved 1.6 level, De_Russka. I don't normally make the projects I'm working on known to the community, but I have seen a lot of interest in the community recently about a remake of Russka. I started work on it a couple weeks ago, and are basing the look of the map around Cache and Train. My intention with this post is to hopefully get some input on what gameplay/design elements you would like to be changed, improved or kept in this reworked level (if you have played the original, ofcourse). I like to keep to myself when designing
  5. ba_jail_uprise_xtreme_v4 was da bomb.
  6. I think it looks great man, as said previously, I don't think it should be as grimy as you have it now, especially with the floor, I think in some of the hallways you should clean up the floor a little more. Other than that, I think it look fantastic!
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