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  1. Hello Mapcore! I added some new dynamic elements including: hydraulic presses that crush players underneath, and a periodic flood of the lower levels. Here is a link to google drive containing my newest iteration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B34kXOf_oNPseVQxSW5LSEozUGM/view?usp=sharing I've already playtested these new dynamic elements, but I'm looking for any other feedback from these forums!
  2. Welcome! Great progress so far, I really like the engagement map. That shows some real forethought about how players are going to flow through your level. I think you may have taken the engagement map a little too literally when you started planning out the details. Look at your map. Now try to find an angle that isn't a perfect ninety degrees! Don't take the distances between engagement points in the map to be literal, connections between engagement areas can be longer or shorter depending on how fast players flow through them. Unreal Tournament has a lot of complex rooms and hallways in
  3. Hello Mapcoreans! I have updated the map by: lowering the catwalk section to prevent taking damage from falling Adding water to the reactor level that slowly damages players that fall in (players can escape) removing the two sheild belts in the reactor level, and adding one shield belt to the assembly line section Making hte map more visually distinct by using 12 different textures to distinguish zones instead of four added more health to the assembly line section I have attached an updated .pak as well as a few screenshots of the ingame level. (sorry f
  4. Give yourself credit this is some impressive modeling and scene compositing! Focus on what the space is for a little bit, what is this place manufacturing, and how does each room contribute to that assembly process? Just keep spending more time into it and we'll both be surprised by what you accomplish. Keep it up!
  5. Excellent work these past few months! I'm liking the new reddish orange post-processing. Some of the blending between textures sets seems a little off, especially the transition between polished metallic floors and dirt mounds in the quoted image. The buildings in the background seem very out of focus and almost muddy, it's hard to make out details from the screenshots provided. The transition between the pipe outside and the surrounding ground seems pretty harsh. The reference image you posted a few months ago had a grey / orange color pallette. Your current
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2oDxgeBPlIThe general approach is to make the area as fun as possible before spending time beautifying. UT is a game with a lot of movement abilities (especially from advanced players), so even things as simple as adding a few decorative brushes in the rafters have the potential to change gameplay due to bouncing flak shards, grenade launchers shots, etc. You may have seen Zaccubus's excellent and long-running video series of Unreal Tournament highlights, check it out (if you haven't already) to see what players are capable of doing in this fast-paced and unpre
  7. Interesting concept so far, keep it up! One thing I'm noticing is that everything looks too clean. Your references show most of the metal has been warped, scalded, bent and discolored by the intense heat it directly contacts with. It's currently hard to tell that your map is a foundry full of molten metal without looking at those references and the orange post processing you put it in. What is the purpose of this space? Your references show large vats full of slag or funnels where the superheated metal pours through, right now your space kind of seems like an empty warehouse that happens to ha
  8. Quick update, Huge shoutout to Bobby Ross, I followed his visual guide to multiplayer level design here during the planning and documentation stages of this project, I'm confident that the time spent learning the new workflow is going to save me a lot of time down the road. I'm planning on putting this up on the Dallas Hub for a playtest this Saturday at 4pm US Central time, everyone is welcome to join in. In the meantime I would appreciate any feedback about the design of the level, it's my first time building a map in 3DS Max and then exporting it into Unreal, so I'm
  9. Hello! Here is a downloadable and playable .pak of a map called CTF-AquaFactory. It's the first time I've built a map in 3DS Max and exported it into Unreal before playtesting, so I'm looking for feedback about strange geometry. I am aware that as of 4/17 there are a few issues with z fighting, I can fix that when I rebuilt the map, I'm mostly looking for comments about the flow of the level. Shoutout to Bobby Ross and Ben Bauer for giving me an example of how to design the flow of a multiplayer map before building it. I plan on updating this thread, I'm mostly putting this .pak on here b
  10. I love long takes, this clip from the classic Hong Kong action Flick Hardboiled features a 2 and a half minute action shot. I can only imagine how long it took them to set up the explosives after every missed take.
  11. It is a very busy time in my life as I juggle job applications, design tests, portfolio updates and an ambitious map called "CTF-AquaFactory" that's due in six weeks. I look forward to mid-may when I have less stuff on my plate, although I find myself weirdly satisfied with how hard I have been working lately.
  12. Thank you for the amazing image. I definitely agree that the map needs more visual distinction, I just wanted to focus on the core gameplay for now. I plan on giving each room more defined brushwork (such as windows) and different materials soon. I appreciate the feedback!
  13. OctoRocket is an early gameplay shell of an Unreal Tournament Map. It's shaped like an Octagon and has lots of rocket launchers. This map works best with 8 players. Download the map here Installation: Place the .pak file in My Documents-UnrealTournamnet-Saved-Paks-MyContent then launch the game and create a custom match and choose Diego as a map (If there is no Paks map create one with a MyContent map inside of it and place the map there) - Thanks to Mr E for providing instruction reference. I've already done some playtesting with colleagues to get the map ready for the forums,
  14. Heads up, when I click "trade show booth: on your home page I'm taken to another page with six thumbnails. Right now, I can't click the thumbnails to zoom in on them like I can in other parts of your site. I hope you see this and fix it! The trade show booth looks promising
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