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  1. Very enjoyable map, especially the central hub area with the exposed rocket launcher and the sniper perch. The rocket definitely has the risk-reward going of being in a very vulnerable position but at the same being fairly easy to rocket jump away from. Overall I found the weapon placement to be really good, with every weapon being instantly viable. The small trench connecting to the lava pool in the central area could perhaps use some tweaking, since I found it to be a flow-stopper to get out of. One possible solution could be to just fill it with magma, mainly because it's cool to jump across lava pits, but also to reinforce the magma element. The area with the beams and alcove next to the rocket could probably be used to serve more of a purpose as well, maybe you could create an alternate path to the next floor or put some vials there or something. Another area I liked was the narrow corridor with the long window. I can imagine alot of baiting taking place there, due to both exits being easily covered by one player. Other than that the layout was readable and the map-size seems appropiate for the amount of players you are going for, never had any downtime. I couldn't get to the island by the Link Gun, but I assume that's a WIP thing. Good work!
  2. No problem, thought it looked interesting. The link isn't working for me for some reason though, getting 404'd. Are all the sharing settings correct?
  3. Hey, it seems I'm unable to run this map on newer UT versions. Would you mind uploading a new build, I'd love to check it out!
  4. Very visually appealing, dense and the size seems appropriate for the amount of players you're going for. The layout was easy to read and it didn't take long to memorize the positions of weapons. I also appreciate when a level offers small gameplay choices, such as the multiple paths up the lower elevators, with the optional side-ramps and elevator jumps to the next floor. One part I felt disrupted the flow were the elevators leading to the top floor, which I felt had a too narrow top platform. My first time I ran straight off the platform and died, and even with prior knowledge it seemed finicky. Possible solutions could be to extend the landing platform, block it off, or perhaps to put the elevator on the back of the pillar, facing the player toward the center of the map when getting to the top. Great work!
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Good to know I'm on the right track. I definitely agree regarding the fast zombies, and I've tried to make their encounters more dynamic and more of a threat in the upcoming release.
  6. Mountain Town Game: Half-Life 2 Map Name: HL2_Odyssey_M12_MountainTown Context: Part of the HL2_Odyssey project Time spent developing: Week 4 of 8 (at 50% work hours) Estimated playtime: 10 mins Description & Background This map is part of the The Game Assembly-project Odyssey, where we Level Design students have been tasked with creating a HL2-campaign in 8 weeks. My level takes place in a town, hidden away in the mountains. Role in the Campaign As the second-to-last level in the campaign, its main purpose is to serve as a bridge between a climactic helicopter battle and a more downpaced, revelatory conclusion. Expanding on the concept of snipers introduced in the previous level, a lot of the gameplay is centered around dodging sniper fire while simultaneously dealing with zombies. It also features a short introduction of the gravity gun. The layout has been inspired by the maze-like layout of Ravenholm, where my goal is to try to create as much gameplay as possible in a small area. Alpha Build Here’s the first build of the level. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Download the map Alpha Screenshots
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