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  1. On Track · Game: HL2_Odyssey · Name: HL2_Odyssey_M1_OnTrack · Context: Part of the HL2 Odyssey Project · Time spent developing: Week 1 of 8 (at 50% work hours) · Estimated playtime: 10 mins Description and Background This map is part of the HL2_Odyssey_Project where I am one of the level designers. This level is the introduction level for the campaign. The player start at the top of an abandoned train house with only a crowbar and an HEV suit and the passage behind has been blocked. The player must venture through ruined buildings filled with Manhacks and Combine Police in search for a way to get out of the city. On the way doors have been shut, passages blocked and alternate paths must be found to finally arrive to the sewers undernaeth. Role in the Campaign On the Right Track is the first part of the campaign with simple puzzles and enemies. The map is a simple introduction the different mechanics such as jump, hit, walk etc. The map is easy to navigate through with little path choise and once you progress there is no turning back. The idea with the level is to give the player the feeling of being hunted and finidng a means to escape and hide. Alpha Build This is the first build with the base of the level in alpha stage. Download Link can be found here: Download Top-down Gold Build Pictures of the finished map. Download Link can be found here: Download
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