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  1. Hey there! I've just released my portfolio, which contains work from my Level Design education at The Game Assembly. I mainly aim to advertise myself as a level and environment designer, but have also included a few projects where I showcase my scripting capabilities. http://tudorgogan.se/ Any kind of feedback or critique would be really appreciated!
  2. Did you turn off the tractor beam and use the portable surface furthest up on the wall? With enough goo and a jump (jumps were not needed before) it is relatively easy to reach the second floor. I'll definitely make sure to address the lighting!
  3. @Radu Hey, thank you for the awesome feedback! Several people have mentioned problems with the ergonomics of the map (especially getting stuck in rubble as you mentioned) - something that should be fixed in the newest version of the map, released today. I removed almost all of the moss on the ground in key areas, and also removed several static props that obstructed the player. I had to keep some of them for the sake of decoration, but collision has been disabled for those. @FMPONE Thanks a lot for the spotlight! I hope you played it late enough for me to have had time to u
  4. I spent some time fixing several visual issues today. 100+ adjustments have been made in order to make the experience smoother. Those include: - Corrected lots of levitating/clipping foliage and tiles. - Brightened up a few areas that were extremely dark. - Adjusted a few misaligned textures. - Attempted to make the info panel look more 'overgrown', but failed. Had issues with the overlay affecting transparency. - Fixed a few tiles that should not have been invisible. - Removed a few props from unfitting places. - Added new props to places that felt too empty. - Added collisio
  5. Hey there! "Verdant Ascent" is a Portal 2 map revolving around four core concepts: - Reusability of mechanics. - Climbing upwards. - "Assasinating" turrets. - Overgrown aesthetics. I've been working on it for 4 weeks, and would greatly appreciate any critique or feedback. This map will serve as a piece of my upcoming Level Design portfolio, so i cannot stress enough on the importance of your input! Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Duration: 15 to 30 minutes. Link to Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890986421
  6. Lots of great pointers, thank you for the awesome feedback! I will definitely take a more thorough lighting pass this week, especially in the indoor parts of the level. I completely agree with the numbers of CP's, it's quite silly now that i think of it haha! The main point of the huge amount of CP's was to indicate "you can't take all of those on with your normal weapons, use the air boat!" to the player, in case the player does not automatically enter one of the air boats on sight. I think this was quite lazy sort of design, and I'm sure i can find better ways of doing this. The part abou
  7. The first version of "Confinement" is live! I've updated the main post, and added a download link. Currently known issues: - The majority of the indoor area in the beginning is poorly lit, being generally too dark. - The starter "escape" puzzle is frustrating and does not work smoothly yet. - There are many smaller and "hidden" places where the player can potentially get stuck, and be forced to restart the level. - The latter half of the map is completely empty of enemies. - If the player does not have the next map of the "Odyssey" campaign, the player will simply fall through the l
  8. "Confinement" Game: Half-Life 2 Map Name: HL2_Odyssey_M8_Confinement Context: Part of the HL2_Odyssey project Time spent developing: Week 5 of 8 (at 50% work hours) Estimated playtime: 5-10 minutes Description & Background "Confinement" is one of the later maps of the HL2_Odyssey, being the 8th in the campaign. The level takes place in a combine base situated in the sea, close to the beach. Gordon Freeman is not set out for a sunny vacation though. After being kidnapped in the previous level, with no more weapons in his arsenal, Freeman must survi
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