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  1. Hello everybody, Since there were no additional notes on what needs changing I only adressed @Daruth505's list. The changelog can be seen here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/790354595 The map has been updated accordingly, although #4 (cramped areas) I could not adress, because I got no answer on what areas have too much stuff in them specifically. Please keep commenting. Greetings HDKHH
  2. Good day @Daruth505! Thank you so much for your feedback. This helps me clear things out. 1) Lighting: I noticed, too. That's why I changed lighting and the skybox. However, the problem persits and I have to take another look at it. 2) I will see to remove misleading corridors to provide a non-dead-ended experience. 3) This is something I haven't figured out myself yet. I changed the cap radius everytime I updated the map I'd love to wait for the playtest on sunday so more people can chime in on this topic. 4) Which areas exactly? The idea of the map is that you get caught in a convoluted village - too convoluted at times (see 2)) - and fight in unforgiving narrow surroundings. If you gave me an example, I'd be happy to take a look at it. Note: I am overbearing with work at the moment so I have very little time to work on my map. The last time I did anything to it was two weeks ago. However, I will try to do as much improvement as possible. Thanks to everyone who is helping me improve my map. Keep it coming. Greetings HDKHH
  3. @Xanthi Thanks for the announcment. Unfortunately, I can't be present due to posted-above reasons. I'd appreciate anyone participating to write their criticism in the hinterhof thread so I can easily check out your feedback. At the moment I have very little time on my hand to work on the map due to work-overload, but I will see to adressing any problem you encounter and post on the beforementioned thread. Thanks to everyone. Greetings HDKHH
  4. Hey @Xanthi, this sounds great so far. One small issue on my end, though. On the first playtest in Dezember (4th) could the starting time be 12 noon EST? This is much easier for those from Europe who have to work on Monday. For example, this would be 6:00 pm in Germany. A decent time where people are able to play more than just one or two rounds/maps. I hope to achieve something here Thanks for listening. Greetings HDKHH
  5. I updated the map on Friday. However, the bloom effect is overkill. I put in cubemaps but the skybox brightens up too excessively. Trying to fix that until the deadline.
  6. Good morning, I see the problem now. I did not test this map with the bloom effect on - ever! That is probably the cause for the overly bright skybox. I do not have a sun entity set up yet, because I did not want a sun to show. However, I will have a look on that. Did you, by any chance, turn off your hud so the close-up fog does not show? I've experienced it, that's why I am asking this stupid sounding question. The pictures I posted are not altered. They are as I see the environment of my map, so I thought the ambient was set correctly. I guess my point is: Thank you for the screenshot and bringing this to my attention. It should look far more grim than that lovely day you posted a picture of I heard the dev say something about the skybox on their livestream but it was running in the background so I did not check what was the problem. Now I know. Have a great day HDKHH
  7. Hello and thank you for your constructive words. I will certainly look into these issues as soon as possible (might be on Friday). What skybox would you suggest? This one blends well with the fog, which is why I kept it - yes, I did not choose it, it was a placeholder at first but it went well with the atmosphere.
  8. Reading all this discussion I wonder if I am the only one who joined because of the fun of making maps besides my regular work as a hobby? @Radu So yeah, some people do like to work for free when they are - as you pointed out - passionate about it. My map is never as good as many of those out there, but it was fun for me to compete and at least get some recognition in the mapping community. Because I am pretty sure no one knew me before this although I have been mapping since COD UO. To all of you who are being pissed at the moment. I get it somehow - but if you had fun doing what you did it should be worth while, since the podium was not reserved for anyone. Trying to get a positive point across and not to insult anyone - don't know if I succeeded. Anyhow, good luck to all and have fun mapping! Greetings HDKHH
  9. Visually speaking this map has a unique character - at least from the screenshots. I haven't checked back but you said on Steam that you made the textures work. I am looking forward to playing it, since I couldn't participate in the past play test.
  10. An update has been posted yesterday. Pictures in the post above will be updated this evening. Greetings HDKHH [EDIT] Pictures are out with a bit of a delay. Sorry.
  11. I'd also like to submit again, although the Steam page and the file name did not change. Just like in poLemin's case. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=790354595 Thanks for the opportunity. Only thing I could not get out was the ladder - but it's next! Have a nice evening HDKHH
  12. Thank you very much Xanthi! Good to see you're on it and take issues seriously. That's what makes you reliable and responsible people deserving praise!
  13. Okay. Here is what you need to do. Steam overlay: 1) right click on DOI 2) select properties 3) starting parameters: "-console" Ingame: 1) Go to the options menue 2) bind your console to F11 and ACTIVATE it 3) Go to the title screen and click somewhere on the background 4) press F11 5) type in "map doi_hinterhof" This should work
  14. Well, I have to complain about something here. My map hinterhof (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=790354595) is not on any of the test servers :\ Could you please look into this issue? Thank you.
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