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  1. maybe it was just me but the textures were broken horribly. Also, B needs some reworking. once the americans take it it's almost impossible to take it back. overall I think this is a really unique and cool map, altho, its easy to get lost!
  2. just want to show it off. it changed the map background to a nicer one. here's it before: and heres it after, it has moving trucks/tanks and plenty of sounds!
  3. hello there! are you a mapper? or possibly a modder? well, come join the INS/DOI "official" discord channel. We currently have about 80 people here (including a couple devs) who like to help/ask questions or even just socialize with other mappers/modders. So please join us: https://discord.gg/KvaRFCV Make sure you do an introduction when you join!
  4. but WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I finished blue street's one side.
  5. Its the battle of caen! not very far but it's slowly coming.... updates will be posted here: https://forums.newworldinteractive.com/thread-5235.html lastly, inspiration and reference pics here(some of them arent caen but whatever): http://imgur.com/a/wBHf5
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