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  1. Hi Mapcore!I'm an Environment/Asset Artist with 2+ years of AAA experience, I work full-time in asset creation and PBR texturing, etc... and I thought I've give this a shot My portfolio (including TCTD) and resume can be found here: [ARTSTATION]My Asset Store page is here: [ASSET STORE] I'm hoping to continue to expand on the content that I'm releasing on the Asset Store in the near future - for now, I have two asset packs available for very reasonable prices. Please feel free to watch that page for additional content.Modern Kitchen Set Server Room Set Thanks for looking! I'm also very much open to suggestions for future packs
  2. Hi, Long-time lurker here, also 2+ years and counting AAA experience as an Environment Artist, I've worked on The Division, and the Underground DLC. For the curious, I'm self-taught, so to the hopefuls - yeah it can be done, just be good at what you do and never stop bugging studios for jobs You can check out some of my work @ Artstation
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