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  1. congratulations to the winners. i made a map too, called westwall But the winners are the best of the best maps. Congrats. I will keep on mapping for this game even if i not won something. Here my steamworkshop portfolio. http://steamcommunity.com/id/modtools/myworkshopfiles/?appid=447820 New maps already in work https://forums.newworldinteractive.com/thread-6211.html https://forums.newworldinteractive.com/thread-6462.html Gz Modtools´╗┐
  2. @Xanthi @Chief-C you wrote in top 5 thread the church on the hill needs work which church do you mean there is no church in the whole map thank you in advance Gz Modtools
  3. congrats on the top5. one question will only the top 5 get implemented into the game or also the top 10 ? have a nice weekend Gz Modtools
  4. nice idea an autoupdate would be nice too also like official custom maps server. something like most played custom maps from NWI side. Gz Modtools
  5. brits for the win would like SAS Commando units ingame
  6. Doesn't matter what happens, this contest was a great experience for me and i will continue to map for this game. My next map is also on its way. I hope we all can stay in contact. The community and the mappers did their best to test and improve all maps. I dont think my map will win anything or get into top but it was worth to make it Good Luck to all Gz Martin aka Modtools
  7. love your post. i had nearly the same timeline. Westwall was an idea i had long before but it was hard to reach the first deadline. As i "finished" it (really early state of alpha) i was completely frustrated what the guys said about it in the first playtest and then i got more and more frustrated by the announcement of the deadlineextension. But after a week i had some new ideas got into more detailing and delete all the overdetailed things in the map. Hope we will see each other once again or stay in contact. I love your way of leveldesigning. I am no professional leveldesigner so i get always into too much detailing in an too early state. Wish you good luck and a very nice new year. Gz Martin aka Modtools
  8. some things all of you want to know *bombing mechanics needs a skybox with 6000 units height (an example is in my maps husky and nomad ) *the last objective problem is caused by some weird code in offensive mode you can solve this by adding a random or a placeholder objective (destructable radio would be an option cause it needs no recompile) [also made in husky and nomad.txt files] *last thing is the new destroy the flak 88 mode (coming soon ) Greetings Modtools
  9. @Xanthi love the bombing mechanic working on another map called husky with its center bridge... trying to make it collapsable by aircraft bombing. How much damage causes a bombardement ? also i would ask how i can use the new destructable flak 88 i am so curious about the new things. Another thing i saw is that on all my maps the last objective is missing. Westwall has 5 objectives but only 4 work. Another map called Husky has 4 objectives but only 3 are working. Is there any restriction in the game yet? I hadn`t this problem before. Thx for your reply in advance Gz Modtools
  10. one thing i wanna ask at the deadline date. I hope it isnt inappropriate, but when will the judging process be finished and when and how will we get inforrmations who has won something and which maps can get in the game (even if they did not win the contest). Thank you very much for your answer in advance. Gz Modtools
  11. yeh i had this on all my maps thx for fixing for future mapmakers
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