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  1. Wut? Westwall is for me one of the strongest contestants for the competition, if not the strongest. Creation is frustrating but you don't need to be frustrated by its quality But that still means Westwall made it for the entry, doesn't it?
  2. Urban areas look so realistic. Gj mate
  3. So.. then.. is there any weakness for this map at all?
  4. yeah i want at least 8 to 10 maps here to become the winners and added to be in the official map list. What made Day of Defeat (original) so special was that there were tons of great maps.
  5. This is certainly one of the best WWII maps i've ever seen. So much details. Brest and this are certain winners, i must say ... so happy that there are so many good maps already and also some extremely great maps like this
  6. Wow you are so professional. Maybe here we have certainly one of winners.
  7. So much detail. I cannot stop writing good comments on this.
  8. That is good. If only the street is like MOHAA, i'm pretty sure there will be no problem against regulations. This is definately one of the best looking maps on this board. Cheers.
  9. Aren't you gonna participate in the competition? This looks just so good. How similar is it to MOHAA's hunt?
  10. You might remember me. I was spontaneously in your first or one of first playtest, with curiousity what the hell are you doing. There were only orange boxes, with only possible recognisation, two bridges. It's great to see those orange boxes become a highly artistic creations.
  11. Okay enough. Give this guy a prize already
  12. Great job! Btw. this looks like the destroyed church of St. Quentin map on BF1.
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