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  1. yes i thought same) tomorrow evening i am going to release first beta version of the map in workshop, some rooms will still be empty and some lights not work right. some more screens for now
  2. i try to get it finished to the 24. so i will i guess. the main road is like in mohaa rest not so much
  3. i think its the last update the strukture is more or less finish but rooms and places are still very empty so there is still some work to place some props
  4. so thay as they said in stream its ok to make a map inspiered by an existing i will make it to the contest and make some changes of structure
  5. mh thats sad but i think i will put this map later into the workshop and make some italy alp stuff for the contest if time will be enought
  6. i decided to make a map inspired of my favorite mohaa map TheHunt, but the name for doi will be Normandy the setting is north france, US vs German.
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