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    Pixelbit reacted to ItzOmega in The random model thread!   
    Some photogrammetry I have been testing lately

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    Pixelbit reacted to kek9z in The random model thread!   
    No problem.
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    Pixelbit reacted to Interfearance in The random model thread!   
    I have a strange feeling that whatever you are doing is working. But I can't identify it!
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    Pixelbit reacted to grapen in How to break in the games industry - an insiders' guide   
    To anyone reading this two years later. The switch was 110% worth it.
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    Pixelbit reacted to Terri in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I haven't posted any of my work here in.. ages. Here are some scenes I worked on in 2018 and some of this year:

    (Unity) Underground station

    (Unity) Winter Lake House for VRChat
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    Pixelbit reacted to That50'sGuy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    That's some real nice work @Dea!
    This is a rather brief update, but I changed the time in Reich to night since I love maps like that! I hope one day we will see more.

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    Pixelbit reacted to CWardee in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Quick update, managed to get a decent atmosphere going, definitely need to do a second pass on the trees & river once the skybox is sorted! Planning on having a cliff edge to the right, along with a large mountain range off in the distance!

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    Pixelbit reacted to kek9z in The random model thread!   
    So I started modeling because of my csgo map and today i made my first prop just for testing!

    Still not perfect, need to work on texturing but im so hyped to work with 3D! What you think about this guys? any advice?
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    Pixelbit reacted to RaVaGe in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    So I gave me the weekend to learn the basic of Blender and UE4, I would like to improve myself in archviz.

    All the furnitures are from me except the sofa and the chairs, some meshes are plain bad, the lighting is shit, but i'm getting there I guess ^^
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    Pixelbit reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    Hey guys, a week later and I just finished my latest piece, very happy with this one. Check it out!
    Some details: built and rendered in Modo, completed in a week, texturing is a mix of Substance Painter and native Modo work. Geometry is light weight, boolean'd a lot, making heavy use of the rounded edge shader. 
    Artstation link w/ more images.

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    Pixelbit reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
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    Pixelbit reacted to Yanzl in [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!   
    Hey guys, the map pretty much almost done, so here's one last update before release.
    Also to those that have played on the map, don't forget to submit your signatures (send a picture of your signature written with a thicker pen or with a tablet)

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    Pixelbit reacted to Serialmapper in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I'm refurbishing another old map of mine de_aurelia, 

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    Pixelbit reacted to 2d-chris in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Awesome maps people, inspiring! 
    This isn't so pretty to look at, but I'm making good progress with my little game prototype. 
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    Pixelbit reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Added a station building and made a better snow shader 

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    Pixelbit reacted to FMPONE in Contest Finalists have been declared!   
    Meet Your Contest Finalists...

    Mapcore's Mission:
    Mapcore contests earn mappers thousands of dollars, promote their work, and provide a well-deserved platform for their excellent levels. Teaming up with FACEIT, we've offered contestants the biggest mapping contest in Counter-Strike history!
    Thanks to FACEIT and to all participants. Your combined efforts are part of a long journey of growth and practice. At Mapcore, we intend to hold more contests and continue being a positive, engaging, helpful environment for all members seeking to improve and grow.
    What's Next?
    In one month, 4 of these 10 maps will be selected as Grand Finalists by our Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts! We look forward to seeing all of the community feedback, iteration, and improvements awaiting these brilliant maps.

    Click here to read full Contest rules. Reminder: Grand Finalist maps receive exciting prizes and will be officially featured on FACEIT. 
    *In Alphabetical Order
    Abbey by Lizard, thewhaleman   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1215935299   Apollo by Vaya, CrTech, Vorontsov, JSadones   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206809088   Asylum by Libertines   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864761519   Biome by Jd40    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1224923995   Berth by grapen   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216945465   Kaizen  by Andre Valera   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216362919   Offtime by Squad   http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1216276542&searchtext=   Sirius by Exodus   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217279476   Studio by ZelZStorm, TanookiSuit3, Hollandje   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1204635926   Tangerine by Harry Poster   https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1202481627       CONGRATULATIONS, FINALISTS!
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    Pixelbit reacted to Corwin in Push & Pull - The art of guiding players through an environment   
    Hey all,
    Because my busy life doesn't allow much time for side projects and thus doesn't satisfy the urge of doing something constructive, I wrote a multi-parts article about guiding players through environments (a subject that fascinates me greatly.) 

    Push & Pull - The art of guiding players through an environment
    1. Introduction 2. Facilitate mental mapping 3. Influence via composition 4. Lure with affordance 5. Drive with goals & narrative 6. Communicate through a language 7. Direct with restrictions & cameras 8. Show with UI elements & cut-scenes 9. Conclusion I intend to tweak and improve the article if needed so I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts, criticism and feedback!
    Hope you like it!
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    Pixelbit reacted to FMPONE in de_scepter   
    A bit of a derail of this thread, but it's not even clear that the Workshop needs a downvote feature. Who gathers the most up votes would be sufficient.
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    Pixelbit reacted to jackophant in ATTN: New Map Makers!   
    First and foremost...
    Welcome to MapCore! We wish you the best of luck with your entry into this competition. For those of you new to mapping, I thought I would share a few resources that I, and many others, will have found useful. If anyone has anything they think I should add, just let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to update it accordingly.
    Please give this introduction a complete read through before following a never ending tunnel of hyperlinks as you could miss something important. Not everyone needs everything, and some articles may be suited better to certain situations more than others, but it's all essential reading / watching.
    Now let's get started!
    Level Design
    A good place to start would be our Level Design Resources Megathread where many free tutorials have been collated to act as a mini library:
    Additionally, Volcano and our very own FMPONE gave a speech at GDC15, specifically on the topic of map design in counter strike, so I can't recommend this enough! It's not a long video, but it'll help focus your design from the outset for better gameplay.
    I'm sure many of you will have heard of The WarOwl. He has a video regarding player perspective and angles which while very good from a playing perspective, is also very useful for understanding how corners and angles will play across your map. It should highlight to you who will have an advantage at certain points more clearly.
    World of Level Design is a great source of information (the name is a giveaway), so here's a selection of links regarding useful topics for your map's creation!
    How to Design Gameplay Map Layouts 6 Principles of Choke Point Level Design From Top Down Layout to BSP Block-in Workflow CSGO Tutorial List A good way to get inspiration and have an insight into how the heavyweights make their maps is to read some of our own making of articles:
    Making a map: CS_MUSEUM (by FMPONE) Making Agency, the popular CSGO map (by Rick_D; map by Puddy and Rick_D) Making of de_cistern (pdf download) (by [TwoBlokes]Smokers_Cough and Habboi) The next two articles cover the basics of multiplayer level design fantastically. Ben's article is more verbose, and the Gamasutra guide is more of a long infographic but both are simple and clean in delivery and are absolutely essential reading:
    Ben’s Small Bible of Realistic Multiplayer Level Design [MUST READ] The Visual Guide to Multiplayer Level Design - Gamasutra [MUST READ] Don't forget to watch 3kliksphilip's Basic and Advanced CSGO Tutorials.
    Compilation Errors
    When trying to compile your map, it's possible that it can fail. Luckily the interlopers.net forum have a very handy Compile Checker which will scan your compile log and tell you what went wrong!
    Another popular cause of compile failures is leaks. Sometimes the warnings in the compiler are more obvious as to what the problem is, so a good thing to do is check for these leaks. Simply go to "Map > Load Pointfile". Provided this was the cause of the problem, you should see a number of red squiggly lines that lead from inside your map via a crazy path to the void. You can trace these back to find what is leaking and patch it up. If you can't find a .lin file for your map, a leak is not the problem!
    Causes of leaks:
    Props reach / exist outside the boundary of your map Light has leaked into the void during vrad.exe Gaps in world geometry let vrad through func_detail does not block vrad Displacements do not block vrad area_portal not closed properly and loops back round to itself Many other reasons - (VDC article on leaks)  
    Optimisation is a very important part of mapping, and if not considered from an early stage it can be a huge, crippling task further down the line as well as limiting anything other than the most powerful of computers playing it. People playing your map want the smoothest experience, so let's try to give it to them! Without trying to scare anyone off, here are a few tips:
    The best ways you can start is by building all your brushes with the nodraw texture, and only texturing the faces that can be seen within the map. Turning elements of your map that jut into the middle of a room into a func_detail is a good way to simplify the rendering process. It gets more complicated than that, but it's a good place to start. Areaportals are also a nice, simple way to optimise especially if a room has quite a lot of props in it. Hint/Skip brushes are a little more fiddly to place, so leave these for when your layout (not detailing) is more complete, but they help the game to not render parts of the map that are out of your line of sight. PLEASE check the resources to better deal with these tools, this is primarily a list to make you aware of what methods are available. For further reading on optimisation (highly recommended), here are a few links:
    Interlopers Optimisation ToppHATTwaffle Optimisation ToppHATTwaffle Skybox and func_detail will2k Optimisation  
    Screenshots and Radar Creation
    When presenting your maps to us in the forum (and the same applies to the workshop), please provide plenty of screenshots! Yes, the best feedback will come from a good play test and a run around, but not everyone has the time for that and some people need to be convinced to have a look, and sometimes there are plenty of things that don't need to be playtested for that can be shown very simply through an image that decreases the time taken for feedback.
    The best way to take the screenshots is in the highest quality and resolution your computer will allow (as for static screenshots you shouldn't have to worry about low fps), and don't overdo one area - if it's particularly complex, take enough to show all the angles otherwise a radar view shot will fill in the rest. To help you, here's a little string of console commands you can use to get the most from your screenshots:
    // ALL SCREENSHOTS, INC RADAR sv_cheats 1; // Unlocks restricted console variables (convars). Use this first otherwise most of the following convars will not work. bot_kick; // Bots tend to detract from the map with blood spatters, death, and totally random camping spots. Remove them for cleaner screenshots. noclip; // Allows fully unlocked movement to fly around and get the best angles for those tasty screenshots. mat_postprocess_enable 0; // Disables any effect that is applied after (post) processing. This includes the grain and vignette overlays in the game but also any sort of colour correction that may have been applied. net_graph 0; // We don't need to see your fps. cl_drawhud 0; // Use this to hide on screen "hud" elements like your radar, ammo, and crosshair. r_drawviewmodel 0; // Hides your view model which includes your arms and anything you may be holding (guns, knife, bomb). fog_override 1; fog_enable 0; // These two commands should be used together for the desired fog removal effect, and in the listed order. The first part allows fog settings to be overridden, and the second part disables fog. // RADAR OVERVIEW SPECIFIC cl_leveloverviewmarker 1024; // To use this you should change your resolution to 4:3 1280x1024 for the most accurate results. When activated, it will draw a 1024x1024 red lined box on screen from the top left corner and if the resolution is set correctly you will only see the one red line down the right side of your screen (or not at all if you use a 4:3 ratio screen). Use this as a marker and fit your overview screenshot within this red box. cl_leveloverview 4; // Sets the zoom level for the overview. 0 is default first person view and the higher the value, the further above the map your view. 4 is a good starting value. // TOP TIP #1: Use noclip to fly out of your map's skybox before enabling cl_leveloverview. You will be able to tell when the sky art is replaced with black. Try to look "North" for your map keeping your crosshair pointing straight ahead. This will help you move around more effectively when cl_leveloverview is activated. // TOP TIP #2: Immediately after taking the overview screenshot, open the console (`) and note down the positional data provided to use in making your minimap. mat_fullbright 1; // Ignores map lighting and applies uniform, flat lighting (with limited shadows?). Shadows can be a bit buggy appear fully black if they are visible. r_drawstaticprops 0; // Removes all static props that may obscure overview, but shadows will remain. r_drawskybox 0; // Removes skybox in all forms. *Beware the void, it creates some crazy visuals* To take the most effective radar screenshot, make sure you are outside your map's skybox, preferably the centre of it and your view centred on the horizon to make the lateral movement simpler, as you can use WASD to move around. It's important for your map to have an overview so people are able to see where they are, as well as teammates and enemies when they appear. What has been provided here is only a rough outline on how to do this for prototyping purposes: this Valve Developer Community article on Creating Minimaps should more than easily help you the rest of the way.
    Secondly, you may have noticed that there are little icons that fade in on the loading screen for CSGO maps, that represent the team spawns and hostage/bomb areas just as the map finishes loading. You don't need to manually edit the icons in, you must simply add a few more parameters to your radar text file. This Minimap Loading Icons Tutorial will show you how.
    Receiving Feedback
    Part of the mapping process will be receiving feedback. Crowdsourcing information is a good way to get varied opinions and help further your development but it's important you stay receptive to what's being said. Trying to remain objective is key. For further information regarding feedback this Receiving Feedback article written some time back should have you covered.
    Please do check the links I've provided as a first port of call, but if you really can't find something that's holding you back from progressing on your map, don't be scared to ask here where I, or someone else can hopefully point you in the right direction.
    GL HF
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    Pixelbit reacted to Mapcore in Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017   
    Mapcore is now holding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT!
    Mapcore's Veteran Judges will be joined by CS:GO Guest Experts such as The WarOwl, Moses, Sadokist, DDK, James Bardolph, and Anders Blume!
    How to Enter
    Post a "Work In Progress" thread in Mapcore’s Official Event Forum!
    When you're ready, update your WIP thread with a link to your playable map's Gamebanana.com and/or Steam Workshop page.
    Your thread + playable map constitutes your entry to this contest!
    Submission Deadline
    Your playable map must be entered by NOVEMBER 30, 2017 at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). 
    Judging Procedure
    Mapcore Judges
    Puddy -- @puddpuddpudd
    TopHattWaffle -- @TopHattWaffle
    RZL - @RizzToTheIzzle
    Guest Experts
    Anders Blume -- @OnFireAnders
    James Bardolph -- @jamesbardolph
    Daniel "DDK" Kapadia -- @followddk
    Jason "Moses" O'Toole -- @OnFireMoses
    Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett -- @Sadokist
    WarOwl -- @TheWarOwl

    Mapcore will announce Contest Finalists on DECEMBER 10, 2017
    To determine 10 Finalist maps, Mapcore Judges will rate Contest maps according to the following 100 point criteria, with all ratings tallied and given equal weight, and any ties broken by our Guest Experts: 
    40 points: Fun Factor (how well-designed is the map)
    40 points: Visual/Thematic Presentation (how aesthetically sophisticated is the map)
    20 points: Overall Polish (bug-free maps; maps with Soundscapes; maps which run smoothly; other determinations relating to quality)
    Finalist mappers will then have one month to make changes based on community feedback.
    (January 10th deadline to qualify for TOP 4 — submit by 11:59 PM EST)
    Top 4 Contest maps and the Grand Prize Winner will be declared in JANUARY, 2018
    After one month has passed, Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts will rate every finalist map according to the same 100 point criteria above (Fun Factor, Visual/Thematic Presentation, Overall Polish), with all ratings tallied and given equal weight, and ties broken by Puddy.
    Mapcore will then declare the Top 4 Contest maps and our Grand Prize Winner!

    Contest Prizes
    Top 4 Contest Maps receive:
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    A Spotlight on Mapcore for 2 months (linking to each epic WIP thread)
    A Monetary Prize ($5,000 for First place; $3,000 for Second place; $1,500 for Third place; $500 for Fourth place)
    Map added to FACEIT platform for a time, playable for all users!
    **NEW** Special Valve prizes! (CS:GO/Valve merchandise)
    Contest Rules
    Entry into this Contest is free of charge for all. Your entry must be a playable map for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old layout) can NOT be entered. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and art) has not been released for public download. Map entries must be submitted to the Steam Workshop and/or Gamebanana.com, as well as the Mapcore WIP forum before the deadline. Map authors are free to share their map on any other websites or services they wish, however the map must remain free to download. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. Map entries created by teams are permitted, however entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded prior to prize claim and dispatch. Changes or updates to Workshop maps will not be considered after November 30, 2017 (for Top 10) and January 10, 2018 (for Top 4). Do NOT update your Workshop map after the deadline. Mapcore forum rules must be obeyed. All custom textures, models, etc. must be embedded into the map's .bsp file (FREE TUTORIAL AND TOOL). Assets must also comply with Steam Workshop guidelines. Map authors must be able to accept cash payments. Winners of hardware and physical products will be required to provide a valid shipping address. Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter nor provide material assistance to map entrants. If a Finalist entry is disqualified due to violation of these rules, all applicable winnings will be directed to the next highest-rated map. Void where prohibited.   
    Contest Eligibility
    1. Participant eligibility: This Contest is open to any individual, or teams of individuals, provided they comply with the following:
    Participants must not be an Employee or Official Staff Member of the “Organizer” (Mapcore) or “Sponsors” (FACEIT). Participants must not have taken part in the preparation, judging, or official announcement of this Contest. Participants must not be a direct relative, spouse, direct employee, romantic partner or business partner of any of the above. 2. Legal Age: This Contest is open to any individuals who meet the above “participant eligibility” criteria. In the event that a participant who has not reached the legal age in his/her state wins one or more prizes, he/she must provide contact details for the legal guardian who will claim the prize(s).
    Prize Disclaimer
    FACEIT will be providing/sponsoring Prize revenue. Mapcore assumes no responsibility.
    And to our INCREDIBLE Sponsor:

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    Pixelbit reacted to nikkoship in Post interesting talks / presentations / conferences   
    Cool stuff from one of the level designers who worked on Black Mesa, starts off a little basic but gets pretty interesting.
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    Pixelbit reacted to The Horse Strangler in [CSGO] Transition   
    I've also updated the OP with new links and new images. There's a few minor things I might have missed, but those will be updated soon. I'll be releasing the content soon along with some wires of the assets and stuff.
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